5 Amazing Places on Earth to See before You Die

Must see places in a lifetime

Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong

Everyone has an ambition to visit and see amazing places on earth, but always has conundrum where to start from and how to pick best top 5 destinations. So, we have done your work easy by shortlisting 5 most admired sites to see before you die.

So what are you waiting for just scroll down to know about them.

10 Amazing Places on Earth

  •  Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Whitehaven beach is 7 km stretch across Whitsunday Island and   renowned for its white sand. It has been awarded Queensland Cleanest Beach award in 2008.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia


  • Château de Marqueyssac, France

It is situated at Vezac, France. It was built by Bertrand Vernet de Marqueyssac, Counselor to Louis XIV in the 17th Century.  It has been classified among “Notable Gardens of France” by French ministry of culture.

Château de Marqueyssac, France


  • Benteng Chittorgarh Fort, India

Benteng Chittorgarh fort is situated in the State of Rajasthan, India, It is widely known for its largest fort site in India.

Benteng Chittorgarh Fort, India


  • Plitvice Lake National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lake National Park is a chain of 16 terraced lakes and is the largest national park in Croatia. It is also recognized under first natural sites worldwide by UNESCO.

Plitvice Lake National Park, Croatia


  • Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong

It is a statue of Monk Buddha and known as Big Buddha. It is 34 meters in height and weighs about 250 tonnes.

Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong