4 Ways To Market Your Startup For Free

Find out how can you market your business effectively when you are on shoestring budget?

how to market your business

Are you an entrepreneur or a startup? Are you looking for cost effective mostly free ways to market your product/service? Then you are at the right place.

So “What is marketing?”.

In the “ Marketing Fundamentals” course by Drew Boyd, marketing is defined  as “ acquiring and retaining customers”.

Marketing is further explained by Philip Kotler in his best-selling book “Marketing Management” with the concept of 4 P’s – Price, Product, Place and Promotion and 7 P’s – product, price, promotion, place, packaging, positioning and people.

Let’s look at the different ways to market your business in a competitive world of seeking attention.

  • Blog And Article Writing

Traditional and online marketing is expensive especially when your startup is in pre-revenue phase or you are on a shoestring budget.  But there is an effective way to attract audience to your website for free, which is blogging and article writing.

For example, you have launched beauty product for teenage girls. But, no one knows about it and you have tight budget for marketing.

What to blog about? Blog about the problems and issues teenage girls face in their daily life. This will establish your position in the market and hence builds trust with your audience.

How often to write blog or article?

Make schedule to publish at least one article on weekly basis. It is crucial to build your rapport online.

  • Business Plan ( B-plan) Competitions

Another way to spread word about your business is by participating in the B-plan competitions. Other benefits are prize money, mentoring, incubation and networking. Some of the prestigious B-plan competitions in India are  IIT B Eureka, IIT K Empersaio, IIM A Masterplan, Wharton India Startup Competition etc. So choose where you can fit in and what can give you maximum exposure.

  • Local Events and Seminars

Attend local events to spread your word out in your tribe. List out where your customers hang out and become part of their network to promote yourself. Also, grab every opportunity to give presentations and seminars in colleges and events. This will create buzz about your startup. Hence, you will get Free PR for your venture.

  • Free Press Release

It is painful and time consuming to reach reporters and convince them for a press release about your venture. They get numerous PR request on daily basis and they become less interested about copy and paste story or news. What they look for is new and interesting ideas which they can publish. Also try some of the free press release sites such as Prlog.org, Pr.com, Pr-inside.com, Newswire.com etc. for publicity.

Try above marketing techniques to get attention and free publicity. Do not forget to share your experience with us.

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Written by Dushyant Sethiya

Dushyant Sethiya is a Co-founder of Distribute11.com, platform to match brands and influencers. He has done “Post Graduate Diploma In Entrepreneurship” from University Of Cambridge (England) and “Masters In International Business” from University Of Leeds (England). You can reach him on Twitter @dushyantsethiya or email him at dushyant@distribute11.com.