29 Stunning Pictures Of Anne Hathaway

Have a look at these stunning pics straight from Anne’s gallery!

Anne Hathaway

Best of Anne Hathaway!

Oscar winner, Anne Hathaway was born on 12th November 1982 in New York. She was raised by her mother in New Jersey. This 33 years old American actress made her debut in the film industry in the year 2000 with TV series, Get Real. Influenced by her work in this shot-lived TV series, Director Garry Marshall gave her lead role of Mia Thermopolis in his exclusive project, The Princess Diaries which was a comedy genre Disney film, which was the biggest hit of year 2001. Her excellent work in The Princess Diaries was praised and she received the Teen Choice Award in the same year. Later years were glorious for this budding star, her proficiency in acting bought her many awards such as Golden Globe award, Indie Spirit award, Critics Choice Movie award, Satellite Award and many more! Besides acting she is good at singing too! Her song, I Dreamed Dream was biggest hit in 2012.

Have a look at these stunning pics straight from Anne’s gallery!

1. Beautiful Anne!

This amazing pic of Anne will stun you! She is posing beautifully in formal outfits!

formal, outfits, beautiful


2. Anne in Blue!

Another amazing pic of Anne! She is looking gorgeous in this Blue dress! Have a look.

gorgeous, blue-dress


3. Anne possess beautifully!

Another stunning pic of Anne Hathaway! She gave a perfect shot for the magazine cover!

magazine, black


4. Love for Bikes!

This amazing pic of Anne shows her love for bikes! In this pic, she’s wearing biker’s leather jacket.

love, bike, leather, jacket


5. Flawless!

Another stunning pic of Anne Hathaway! She is posing beautifully!

pose, beautiful


6. Red Carpet!

Anne’s beauty is admired by millions! She wore a beautiful shiny red gown and walked confidently over the legend! Red Carpet!

anne hathaway in red dress


7. Fitness First!

Anne is very conscious about her fitness! On an average, she spends around 2-3 hours daily in gym!

fitness, gym


8. Lovely Couple!

Adam Shulman is a caring husband! He was spotted very often shopping with Anne during her pregnancy!

adam shulman anne hathaway


9. Anne’s wedding!

One of the rarest pic you will find of Anne is from her wedding album! Have a look at this lovely couple Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman.

wedding, couple


10. Oscar this time!

Anne’s hardwork and dedication made her fortunate enough to win the legendry award, Oscar in 2013!

Oscar, victory


11. Back Jewelry!

Anne’s experimented this way of carrying Jewellery! Later this became a trend!

anne hathaway wearing jewelry


12. Golden Globe Awardees!

Very few people are aware of the fact that Anne is a winner of prestigious Golden Globe Award! Have a look at this one!

golden globe, awardees


13. Baby Bump!

Another amazing pic of Anne! She’s posing beautifully with her baby bump!

baby bump, black dressbaby bump, black dress


14. Sleeveless Blue!

Anne has an amazing dressing sense! She’s posing beautifully in shiny blue sleeveless outfits!

shiny blue, sleeveless


15. ELLE: Cover Page!

Anne posed beautifully for a magazine’s cover page! Have a look at this one!

Elle, cover page


16. Adorable!

Another amazing pic of Anne Hathaway! She posed beautifully in this photoshoot session!

photoshoot, splendid


17. Simplicity!

It’s well said, simple living and high thinking! Anne is one those kinds, she leads a simple life and tries to do most of her household work on her own!

simplicity, work


18. Late Show with David Letterman!

This amazing pic of Anne is from the sets of “Late Show with David Letterman”! She wore a beautiful red dress! Have a look!

red, short dress


19. Mesmerizing eyes!

Another feature that adds to beauty of this American actress is her eyes! Anne has beautiful mesmerizing eyes!

mesmerizing, eyes


20. One Day!

This amazing pic of Anne is from the 2011 biggest hit romantic movie, One Day! Have a look!

star, One day


21. Anne in Black!

Another stunning pic of Anne Hathaway! She posed beautifully in this black outfits!

black dress, fit


22. Sparkling Angel!

Anne posed beautifully in this sparking peach coloured ball gown! Have a look at her!

gown, sparkling


23. Oscar Queen!

These amazing shots are taken from the legend Red Carpet! She caught attention of millions!

poses, red carpet


24. Bob style!

Anne’s experiment with hairstyle is always appreciated! In this pic, she’s carrying Bob style Haircut.

bob, hairstyle


25. Alluring!

Anne’s beauty is talking point among people all around her! She is ranked 5 among the world’s most beautiful women!

alluring, praised


26. An Interview with Anne!

This amazing pic is from the sets of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” starring Anne Hathaway! Have a look!

talk, tonight show


27. Anne’s diet chart!

Anne admits that she starts her day with green tea and avoids oily food! Have a look at this one!

healthy diet, conscious


28. Anne became Mother!

Anne gave birth to a baby boy in Los Angeles! Have a look at her after becoming a mother!

mother, baby


29. Anne in China!

This amazing pic is from China: Through the Looking Glass Costume Institute. She wore this outfit for the MET GALA 2015!

china, MET GALA


Thus, Anne Hathaway is amongst the most beautiful women in world! Besides, modeling and acting; she’s proficient in singing too! This 33 years old American model is an example of dedication and hard-work.

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