27 Yoga Hacks That Only Smart People Know

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Sanskrit term “Yoga” has been taken from the ancient Indian mythology. It is believed that practicing “Yoga” not only makes one physically fit; It is equally good for mind and ensures better functioning of the inner organs likes lungs, heart, liver, kidney and the digestive system. In the current scenario, men have been worried just about making money and leading a luxurious life. It is an old saying that “Heath is wealth”, but many of us postpone living better life. We quite often make resolution to ourselves that we will get into excellent physical condition and will take healthy diet when we have a little bit more time. But, we fail to take out time for our health. Practicing Yoga is one of the solutions!

Some amazing Yoga Hacks to help you to improve your lifestyle:


1. Treat Anxiety and Stress!

Next time you feel stress! Try this simple step – Sit calmly crossed legs and soften your expression with gradual breathe!

anxiety, stress


2. Tired typing so long!

If you are tired typing for long! Try this one- bend and place your hands rigidly over the flat surface in inverted position.

bend, hand


3. Re-energize now!

Next time you feel tired working so long! Try this one!

energy, fresh


4.Standing for long!

Are you tired standing for too long? Try this one- lay down straight and open your fingers as shown!

standing, tired


5. Best hack for sharp breathe!

One of the things that worries the most is sharp breathes during stressful condition! Try this one- Sit straight over a chair, supporting your back against it. Now hold your breath for few seconds and finally exhale it gradually.

breathe, gradual


6. Improve your focus!

One of the things that people complain about is that they get distracted easily! Try this one to improve your focus!

focus, concentrate


7. Feel like “Give-up”!

One of the things that are quite common among youths is the act of giving up! Try this one!

confidence, motivation


8. Sleeping disorders!

Are you finding it difficult to asleep? Try this one! It will surely work!

asleep, peace


9. Is your lower back paining?

Next time you feel that your lower back is paining! Try this one! Bend as shown “L-Shaped”

L-shape, no more pain


10. No more pain in the Shoulders!

Another amazing yoga hack! It will make you feel no pain in your shoulders! Try this one!

shoulder, fixed


11. Relax now!

One of the best Yoga hack to make you relax!

relax, calm


12. No more Headache!

Having a headache! Try this one! Lean against a wall making a right angle!

headache, fixed


13. Acidity!

Worried about aching stomach! Try this one! It will help you cure problem of acidity!

acidity, cure


14. Worried about Hair loss?

Are you worried about Hair loss? Yoga has a solution for it! Try this one!

hair, grow


15. Obesity!

One of the best yoga hacks to burn the extra fat from your belly! Try this one!

fat, burn


16. Glowing skin!

glowing skin, yoga


17. Calm down!

Remember anger is the enemy of healthy life! Try this one to help you stay calm in dreadful situations!

peace, calm


18. Look Slim!

Dieting is not a solution for those who want to be slim!

slim, quick


19. Great for sportsman!

One of the best Yoga hacks to help you perform better all day on fields!

fields, energy


20. Control your blood sugar!

Are you a diabetic patient? Try this one! It helps in controlling blood sugar!

sugar, control


21. Body posture!

Yoga hacks to improve your body posture! Try this one!

posture, fixed


22. Flexibility!

 This is called the chair pose and is effective in flexibility of muscles!

flexibility, fit


23. Strong Joints!

Have a pain in joints! Try this one!

joint pain, fixed


24. Bridge pose!

Yoga hack to help you relieve muscle pain!

muscle, pain


25. Perfect Digestion!

Are you finding it difficult to digest? Try this one!

digestion, hack


26. Eyesight!

Yoga hack to make your eyesight better!

Eyesight, perfect


27. Perfect height!

One of the best yoga hacks to help you increase your height! Follow this one!

height, increase




Thus, Yoga is one of the best practices that were brought to the entire world by Indians. It is best method for spiritual and physical well-being.

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