26 Foods You Will Never Be Able To Eat Again!

Let’s have a look!

Food is one of those necessities that is required for the existence of human race. It is a source of energy for our body that is essential for functioning of organs and carrying out the metabolic activities. A food can taste sweet, sour or bitter; but an ideal one possesses perfect combination of spices to make it taste as per the requirement. Food making is another art that has been drawn into professional courses like cookery, hotel management, catering and chefs. One can find food as a good source of protein, vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates; while on other side it may act just as a delicious dish that makes one’s belly happy. A perfect food is the combination of these vitamins, protein and minerals that too with refined taste. There are different food lovers! Some are fond of Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Italian and many more!

Below are some of the dishes that you will never be able to eat again! Let’s have a look!


1. Crispy M&M’s

One of the biggest manufacturers of chocolates in the world, Mars launched Crispy M&M in year 1999 but because of their false taste in the preceding years this product was banned in 2005 in US.

crispy M&M, ban


2. Surge!

One of the early launches from Coca Cola Company is a citrus-flavored soda named “Surge” .It became very popular and proved to be another alternative to Pepsi’s Mountain Dew!

surge, soda


3. Planters Cheez Balls

One of best product from “Kraft Foods” is the Planters Cheez Balls that became very popular since its launch in year 1980. But, it left the market in year 2006.

Planters Cheez Balls, popular


4. Butterfinger BBs

One of the biggest FMCG’s Nestle made a great business via launch of its product, “Butterfinger BBs”. This product became very popular but in year 2006 this product left the market.

Butterfinger BBs, business


 5. Pepsi Blue

Pepsi Blue is one of the best launches from Beverage giant, “Pepsi Co.”.This berry flavored drink left the market in year 2004.

Pepsi Blue, beverage


6. Fiery Habanero Doritos

These wafers became very popular all over the globe for its amazing taste! But, this Frito-Lay product left soon!

Frito-Lay, wafers


 7. Magic Middles

These chocolate flavored middles became very popular for its melt-in-mouth tagline! But it left the market very soon!

Magic Middles, chocolates


8.  Wonder Ball

Another amazing product from Nestle is “Wonder Ball” that became very popular in 1990’s. Later in year 2004 it left the market.

Wonder Ball, chocolates


9. Mountain Dew Black

This black-grapes flavored drink ruled the market for long! But in the year 2004 it left the market!

Mountain Dew Black/Livewire, rule


10. Waffle Crisp

These crispy waffles became very popular for its amazing taste! But it too disappeared vey soon from the market.

Waffle Crisp, tasty


11. Gatorade Gum

This product from Gatorade became very popular in 1990’s among the sports person. Later it left the market.

Gatorade Gum, sports


12. Jello Pudding Pops

This amazing creamy chocolate pops ruled the American market for its delicious taste. But it left very soon in 1990’s.

Jello Pudding Pops, popular


13. Oreo O’s

Oreo O’s was amongst most liked breakfasts for kids! But eventually it left the market in year 2007.

Oreo O's, breakfast


14. 3D Doritos

This snack became popular for its 3D designed snacks. It ruled the market for long and left in 2000!

3D Doritos, market


15. Orbitz

This beverage drink became very popular for its fancy bottles! It ruled the market for long for its refined taste!

Orbitz, bottle


16. French Toast Crunch

These crunchy cereals became very popular for its amazing taste! It was ruled out of the market in year 2006!

French Toast Crunch, tasty


17. The Supersize

One of the best ever launches from Coca-Cola company is “The Supersize” that was a part of Mc Donald’s menu! Later in year 2004, it left the market!

The Supersize, menu


18. Heinz EZ Squirt

One of the best products from Heinz is the “Heinz EZ Squirt”. It became very popular for its taste as well as purple colour.

Heinz EZ Squirt, Ketchup


19. Ecto Cooler

Ecto Cooler was an amazing citrus drink rich in vitamin C! Despite of its tie-up with a movie character it disappeared from the market in year 2001.

Ecto Cooler, drink


20. Wonka Oompas

This amazing product became very popular for its indispensible peanut taste! Eventually, it was ruled out from the market later in year 2000.

Wonka Oompas, peanut


21. Apple Newtons

This product had two amazing flavors grape and cherry! It very soon left the market.

Apple Newtons, flavors


22. Dunkaroos

One of the best products from General Mills is Dunkaroos. It ruled the market in year 1990’s.

Dunkaroos, rule


23. Sprite Remix

Sprite made its advent into the beverage market with amazing flavors in year 2005! But, now it is difficult to find this product.

Sprite Remix, flavor


24. PB Max

Besides chocolates, Mars made its advent into the grocery market with the launch of PB Max as a peanut butter. Later, it was ruled out from the market.

PB Max, rule out


25. Snapple Element Drinks

Snapple Element Drinks made its advent into the market with beautiful packaging and refined flavors! It ruled the market till 2000.

Snapple Element Drinks, flavors


 26. Josta

This drink was the first energy drink of its time! It became very popular among the sports person. But, eventually it left the market in year 1999.

Josta, drink



Thus, there were numerous products that ruled the market for very long time. But, left the market very soon due to some reasons, still there are many who wants these product to enter back into the market.

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