25 Liza Soberano Photos Which Every Youngster Wants To See

Let’s have a look at some of the finest collections of Liza's photos straight from her gallery!

Liza Soberano

Best from Liza’s Gallery!

Liza Soberano at a young age of 18 has made her steps profound in TV and Industry. This Filipino actress was born on 4th January 1998 in California and was raised by her grandparents after her parents were separated. At a young age of 10 she moved to her father’s native Manila, where she learned the tactics of acting and modeling. Impressed by her sincere efforts, famous comedian, Ogie Diaz encouraged this budding star to learn Filipino language to fetch better TV and film projects. It was her hardwork and dedication that fetched her minor role in a comedy anthology, Wansapanataym that was a big hit in year 2011. Thereafter, she never looked back in her professional career and luckily got a leading role in 2014 biggest hit, Furthermore she acquired leading role in Dolce Amore and recently signed as brand ambassador of fashion accessories, “Maybelline”.

Let’s have a look at some of the finest collections straight from her gallery!

1.Alluring Liza!

Have a look at this one! Liza will surely make you fall in love with her.

alluring, love


2.Beautiful Liza!

Another amazing photo from Liza’s gallery!

beautiful, looks



Liza gave an audition for lead actress in the next part of Spiderman series!

Spiderman auditions, lead


4.Family time!

Inspite of busy schedule, Liza manages to spend quality time with her family!

family, time


5.Prettiest Girl!

As per current polls, Liza is ranked among top 10 prettiest girls on TV!

pretty, polls


6.Young Beauty!

This Filipino beauty is just 18!

young, Filipino


7.A journey of glory!

Few people are aware of the fact that Liza’s childhood was not a bed of roses! This young actress faced many hardships!

glory, journey


8.Fresh face!

Have a look at this one! She’s the new face on TV!

fresh, face


9.Liza as a cat lover!

Have a look at this rarest pic from Liza’s collection! Liza loves cat!

cat-lover, rare


10.Liza in glam looks!

Have a look at this one! Liza in her glamorous looks!

glam, look


11.Love Triangle!

One of the best shot from the movie, Everyday, I love you! Starring Liza and her team!

love, triangle


12.Spectacular Liza!

Have a look at glassy look of Liza! It will amaze you!

amaze, glassy


13.Inspiring looks!

This pic will inspire you to follow Liza’s fashion trend! Have a look!

inspiring, trend



Liza is very conscious about her health! She starts her day with green tea and prefers protein-rich diet!

conscious, diet


15.Liza versus Make-up!

Very few people are aware of the fact that Liza hates makeup! She’s believes in internal beauty!

beauty, no-make-up


16.Another Benchmark!

Liza made her steps profound not only in acting! She’s the new face for Acer!

benchmark, profound


17.Loveliest girl on TV!

Now it’s a proven fact that Liza is the loveliest face on TV! Have a look!

TV, love


18.Dolce Amore!

One of the biggest hit on TV, Dolce Amore! Made Liza popular in every home!

Dolce Amore, popular


19.Lovely Trio!

Another shot from TV series Dolce Amore! This Trio has become popular worldwide!

Dolce Amore, trio


20.Starring Liza!

Another shot from Everyday I Love you! Have a look at this cute face!

Everyday, I love you


21.New Project!

Very soon Gill and Liza will be seen sharing the same screen! Have a look at their beautiful chemistry!

project, chemistry


22.Clean ‘n’ Clear!

Besides TV series and modeling! Liza is active over advertisements! Have a look of Liza’s looks in clean n Clear advertisement!

advertisement, modeling


23.Liza enters tech-world!

Tech-giant Acer has appointed Liza as the new face for their products! Have a look at this!

Liza, Acer


24.Liza tries singing!

Liza is not good at singing! Have a look at this rarest pic depicting Liza’s efforts in singing!

singing, rarest


25.The force behind!

Liza is the second child of an American mother and Filipino father! Have a look at this rare pic from Liza’s gallery!

parents, encourage


Thus, despite of many hardships in life this young girl has made her steps profound in the film industry! Her dedication and hardwork will be inspiration for the budding talent!

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