25 Cool Pictures Of Megan Fox That Stopped The Internet

Below are some amazing pics of her that will stun you!

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Best of Megan Fox!

This American model was born on 16th May 1986 in Memphis. Her childhood was not a bed of roses; at a young age of three her parents were separated. Later, her mother married a Florida based businessman, Tony Tonachio.

She made her debut into film industry at a young age of 15. Initially, she was given minor role in television and films. She became very popular from the TV series, Hope and Faith. Inspired by her acting skills director, Michael Bay offered her a leading role in his dream project, Transformers. Fortunately, this movie was the biggest hit of year 2007. It made a profitable business of around 709 million US dollars world-wide. Her work was praised and she gained great popularity. This 30 years old American model has been on the cover page of renowned magazines like Rolling Stone, Maxim, FHM and many more.

See some of her best pics :

1. Another talent!

Megan Fox besides modeling and acting is equally good at singing!

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2. Tattoos in trend!

Megan keeps herself updated with the latest fashion! Have a look at this one!

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3. Megan looks beautiful in White!

Megan is looking beautiful in this white sweat shirt.

white, beautiful


4. Transformer’s Girl!

Another amazing pic from one of the biggest hits of 2007, Transformers! She’s looking beautiful!

transformers, actress


5. Sparkling blue!

Megan is looking gorgeous in this blue outfits!

sparkling, blue


6.Stunning looks!

She’ll make you fall in love with her!

stunning, love


7. Megan in white!

This pic will astonish with her amazing looks! She’s looking damn cute in white shirts!

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8. This American model will astound you!

Another interesting pic from Megan’s gallery will astound you!

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9. Adorable Megan!

Sexy look of the Magan….beware of the danger ahead.

stunning, adorable


10. Simply Gorgeous!

Megan is one of those models whom people admire the most! There are millions of followers worldwide of her charming looks!

admirer, gorgeous


11. Unbeatable!

Besides acting, modeling and singing she has made a name in social services! She actively participates in fund raising for charities.

fund-raising, charity


12. Always in media!

Megan is among the most talked over person in social media! She’s an idol for many youngsters!

idol, media


13. Next to perfection!

Megan is one of those celebrities who always starve for perfection!

perfection, celebrity


14. Fitness

Megan is very conscious about her health. She drinks plenty of water to keep her skin hydrated and do exercises regularly.

fitness, health-conscious


15. Charming personality!

This American model has influenced many via her charming personality!

Actress Megan Fox, wearing black skinny jeans, boots, and gold leather jacket, strikes a sexy pose while filming with Will Arnett on the set of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' in New York City. Will Arnett yawns between takes. Megan flashes the peace sign. Pictured: Megan Fox Ref: SPL539167 070513 Picture by: Christopher Peterson/Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666 photodesk@splashnews.com


16. An elegant model!

No one is unaware of her modeling skills! She’s an elegant model.

elegant, modeling


17. Graceful!

Another beautiful pic of Megan Fox! Straight from her gallery!

beautiful, gallery


18. Adored by millions!

Megan Fox is adored by millions! Her presence is always desirable!

adore, millions


19. Worthy of attention!

Megan’s hardwork, dedication and efforts are responsible for where she stands today!

efforts, hardwork


20. Sensational!

Sensational pic of Megan Fox!

sensational, looks


21. Refined actress!

It is a well accepted fact now that Megan is extremely good at various formats, being it romance, sci-fi, comedy or drama! She’s unbeatable.

refined, formats


22. Exalting One!

Exalting pic of Megan Fox!

exalting, look


23. Cute!

Have a look at this cute pic of Megan Fox! She will make you fall in love with her!

cute, love



It’s impressing pics man

impressing, amazing


25. Amazing dressing sense!

There are millions who admires Megan Fox for her inspiring dressing sense!

inspiring, dressing-sense



Thus, Megan Fox is a refined actress who is adored by millions for her charm, personality, dressing sense, charity and modeling skills. This 30-year old actress is among the top beautiful actresses in the world.

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