25 Best Moments From The Vampire Dairies

Below are the twenty-five best moments from this amazing TV show! Have a look!

Best of Vampire Dairies!

Another example of amazing work by the American duos Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec is the popular TV series, Vampire Dairies. This amazing series made its debut in year 2009 starring beautiful Canadian actress, Nina Dobrev as leading actress accompanied by handsome American actor Paul Wesley along with other stars. This TV series is based on the love-story between a young girl who falls in love with a Vampire. It accounts for love, sacrifice, humor, suspense, romance, supernatural, thriller, drama and action. It is one of the most watched TV series with an IMDB rating of 7.8 out of 10. It was successful in fetching over 2 million viewers from every corner of world. Moreover, it is known to be the most popular TV series among youngsters. Although there are numerous astonishing moments in the entire TV series.

Below are the twenty-five best moments from this amazing TV show! Have a look!

1. Amazing chemistry!

The chemistry between the two stars Nina and Ian is excellent on screen! Have a look

chemistry, love


2. Ian at his best!

Ian has proved his proficiency in acting! Have a look at this one!

Ian, actor


3. Season 2!

Another thrilling scene from 2nd season of Vampire diaries staring Damon! Have a look at this one!

thrill, season 2


4. Lovely dance!

Another amazing scene from the Vampire diaries starring Elena and Damon!

lovely, dance


5. Season 4 takes a turn!

Another exciting moment from season 4 that takes a turn! Have a look at Elena’s reaction!

exciting, turn


6. Search operation!

Another stunning scene from Vampire Diaries! Caroline makes her best ever entry!

stunning, Caroline


7. Affection!

This beautiful scene depicts endless love and affection between the Paul Wesley and Nina!

beautiful, love


8. Quarrel!

Thrilling scene starring Ian and Damon!

Ian, Damon, Quarrel


9. Elena’s Confession!

In this scene, Elena confesses her supernatural lobotomy!

Elena, confession


10.Conspiracy over Steven R. McQueen

Another thing that amazed viewers is that whether Steven R McQueen will be seen in the season 7 or not?

amaze, conspiracy


11. Damon’s reaction to Elena’s message!

An amazing scene from the Vampire Diaries is Damon’s reaction to Elena’s message.

Damon, reaction


12. Vampire!

The thrilling scene starring Damon standing opposite to Stefan!

blood-sucking, fight


13. Beautiful Scene!

This scene will make you fall in love with this couple!

love, couple


14. A perfect combination of blood and revenge!

An amazing scene from the Vampire diaries! This story is an excellent combination of blood and revenge.

blood, revenge


15. So, who is next?

Another scene that will stun you! Have a look at this one!

death, next-one


16. Conflict!

Another amazing scene from the Vampire diaries! Have a look at the conflict between Bonnie and Lily!

conflict, Lily, Bonnie


17. In the search of Herb!

Interesting scene from the Vampire diaries! Stefan and Valerie are looking for the magical herb!

herb, magic


18. Bonnie and Damon in Action!

Bonnie and Damon action scene will amaze you.

action, fight


19. Is Bonnie alive!

Another amazing scene from the Vampire diaries! This scene is about Bonnie’s death!

bonnie, death


20. Lesie is tied!

Scene starring Lesie who is tied! Have a look at this one!

amazing, Lesie, tied


21. Stefan at his best!

Have a look at this one starring Stefan! It will stun you!

Stefan, worried


22. Season 7: One way or the other!

Another stunning scene from episode 18 of season 7! Have a look at Bonnie’s confession!

confession, stunning


23. Damon is back!

One of the exciting entries in this season! Have a look at Damon’s entry!

Damon, entry


24. Season 4: Vampire diaries!

One of the best scenes from Vampire Diaries from season 4! Have a look!

best, season 4


25. The last call!

Awesome scene from the season 8! “The Last Call”!

last call, Season 8


Vampire Diaries is among the most viewed TV series! It’s a love story of a Vampires that will surely amaze you! It is beautifully presented by the American duos Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec.

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