24 Best Scenes From “The Originals” Vampire Tv Series

Below is the collection of best scenes from “The Originals”! Have a look!

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The great work of renowned American TV series producer Julie Plec is “The Originals”. This popular TV series is an extension of “Vampire Diaries” which was produced by Julie Plec along with American script-writer Kelvin Williamson. Since 2013, this TV series has become very popular among youngsters worldwide. It has successfully released about 66 episodes so far and its fourth season was released on 11th March 2016. As far as its story is concerned, it’s about an unborn child who is believed to be partly a vampire and partly a man-wolf and probably the next- king of the city “Orleans” that was build long back by Mikael. But, Mikael’s siblings Klaus and Marcel are found to be fighting among themselves to become the owner of city, “Orleans”. They want to renovate this city as per their requirements. Thus, this is an amazing combination of love, romance, fantasy and horror.

Just look at some classic scenes from the Vampire Series ” The Originals”


1. Thanksgiving dinner!

Have a look at this one! Klaus has to make a choice between family and love!

choice, Klaus


2. What’s next?

Season 3! Starring Klaus and Cami!

season 3, amazing


3. The Original: Season 1

One of the best scenes from Season 1! Have a look at this action-packed scene!

action, season one


4. The Escape!

Another amazing scene from “The Originals”! Have a look at the escape from Mikael!

escape, Mikael


5. Awesome scene from season 3!

Have a look at this stunning scene from season 3! This is what happens when vampires are grouped together!

stunning, vampires


6. Unveiled secret!

This scene if about unveiling Elijah’s secrets!

unveil, secret, Elijah


7. Save my Soul!

Thrilling scene from The Originals! Have a look at Hayley and Jackson together!

: Hayley, Jackson, weddingHayley, Jackson, wedding


8. Klaus’s fight!

 “The Originals” will stun you! It’s about Klaus’s fight!

Klaus, fight


9. Starring Mikael!

Have a look at this amazing scene from “The Originals”! Starring Mikael!

Mikael, starring


10. Epic!

Another stunning scene! Starring Elijah!

Elijah, epic


11. Biggest fight!

Classic scene starring Klaus and Elijah!

fight, Klaus, Elijah


12. Davina: Supernatural

Davina is all set to defeat Klaus with her supernatural power!

Davina, supernatural


13. Beautiful Scene!

One of the best scenes! Starring Cami and Klaus!

Cami, Klaus


14. Another fight!

One of the best fight scenes! Starring Klaus and Haley!

: fight, Haley, Klaus


15. Rebirth!

Good One : Starring Cami

rebirth, Camirebirth, Cami


16. Into the Bar!

 “The Originals”! Starring Klaus and Haley together in a bar!

Bar, Klaus, Haley


17. Season 3!

One of the best scenes from season 3! Starring Elijah!

season 3, Elijah


18. Klaus Convinces Hayley!

Have a look how Klaus is successful in convincing Hayley!

convince, couple


19. The Finals!

One of the best moments from “The Originals”! Starring Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah!

final, fight


20. Klaus enters the fight!

 How Klaus makes his entry into the fight?

Klaus, enter


21. Back from Hell!

One of the best scenes that will thrill you!

hell, thrill


22. Be Ourselves!

Starring Josh and Aiden!

Josh, Aiden


23. Cami and Davina together!

Two superpowers Cami and Davina are together!

Cami, Davina


24. Heartbreaking scene!

One of the heartbreaking scenes from season 3!

Cami, love



“The Originals” is a perfect combination of fantasy, love, horror, action, sacrifice and revenge! This TV series is very popular worldwide and is having an IMDB rating of 8.3 out of 10.

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