23 Pets You Want To Adopt At Every Cost

These pets will make you go 'awww’

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Pets are humans best friends. They are loyal to humans without demanding anything in return. Some people like cats and dogs while others like snakes and scorpions. Those who like snakes and scorpions should definitely go to a fear factor. Anyway, let’s not get there. The diverse categories of pets come with diverse prices too. A pet can help you pass time very easily. You get unconditional love from those mute beings. A pet is the only being that loves you more that it loves itself. Pets are loyal, watchful and beautiful too.

You should definitely have a pet with you. IF you don’t, you’ll want to have them after looking at these pics.

Take a look at 23 amazing pets that will make you open your mouth wide and make you go aww.

1. Hyacinth Macaw

They are the world’s largest parrots. They are priced as high as $14,000.

#costly #parrots #high


2. Monkeys

Monkeys are smart and need to be tamed properly. They are very to those who don’t hurt them.

#monkey #smart


3. Chow Chow (Dog)

This dog looks like a lion. They are originally bred in China.

#lion #dog #China


4. Fox

Foxes are smarter than your usual dogs. They are very cunning and magnificent animals.

#fix #dogs #cunning


5. White Lion Cubs

They are among the rarest species of Lions found on the Earth. Their white color is an outcome of gene mutation.

#Cubs #lion #white


6. Panda

If you can afford, then you should keep a panda with you. They are calmest and among the peaceful creatures on Earth.

#panda #calm #peaceful


7. Miniature Schnauzer (Dog)

It is a small dog and looks very cute. It is very bushy on eyebrow and beard.

#beard #dog #cute


8. Stallion

They are not very aggressive. They, however, want careful management.

#aggressive #care #management


9. Savannah Cats

These cats are among the most beautiful ones in the world. They have good mental, social and loyal qualities.

 #Savannah #cats #qualities


10. Horse

Many have a dream to ride and take a horse. They have long life and are decent to be kept at home.

#horse #long #life


11. Icelandic Sheep Dog

They are a pretty breed of dogs. Their thick fur help them in surviving in cold weather.

#Sheep #dog #Iceland


12. Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees have a much similar DNA to us. They can even survive for more than 60 years.

#chimps #chimpanzees #DNA


13. Ducks

There are different kinds of ducks. So far as beauty is concerned, white ducks top the list.

#duck #white #different


14. Ram

Rams belong to an elite class of animals. They are very expensive.

#ram #elite #expensive


15. Rabbits

Rabbits can easily be kept as pets. They are cute and innocent.

#easy #pets #cute


16. Arabian Horse

This is one of the oldest breed. Also it is among the most expensive ones.

#Arabian #horse #expensive


17. Dolphins

It is also stated that dolphins are the most beautiful creatures after humans. They are smart and playful.

#dolphin #playful #beautiful


18. German Shepherd (Alsatian)

They are versatile and domestic. They are very loyal as well.

#versatile #domestic #dog


19. Insects & Arthropods

They won’t come to your mind at first. It can be a great learning experience to own an insect farm.

#insects #anthropods #experience


20. Bird

Pet birds can be a colourful addition to your pet house. Their chirping feels great to the ears.

#Chirp #colourful #birds


21. Ferrets

They are engaging pets. Also they have boundless energy.

#engaging #energy #boundless


22. Guinea Pigs

They are the sweetest pet rodents. They have long hair.

#guinea #sweet #pet


23. Chinchilla

They are adorable pet rodents. They have larger ears and soft fur.

#pet #rodents #fur


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Get at least one of these pets and you will find your life happy. A pet is a package of happiness.