23 Mean Girls Moments That Made Their Fans Fall In Love With Them Again

This teenage-comedy film has some amazing moments that made people fall in love with these amazing girls! Let’s have a look at these moments!

Best of Mean Girls!

One of the best works of the American duos, Mark Waters and Tina Fey is the American-comedy movie “Mean Girls” which was one of the biggest hit of year 2004. Sixteen-year-old self-taught Cady Heron and her zoologist guardians come back to the United States following a 12-year research trip in Africa, settling down in Evanston, Illinois. Going to a state funded school interestingly, Cady meets new colleagues Janis and Damian. The two caution Cady to maintain a strategic distance from the school’s most well known club, the “Plastics”, who are driven by ruler honey bee Regina George (and incorporate rich however unreliable Gretchen Wieners and sweet numb skull Karen Smith. The Plastics appreciate Cady, and welcome her to sit with them at lunch. Seeing that Cady is coexisting with the Plastics, Janis hatches an arrangement of reprisal against Regina for some past slight, utilizing Cady as the infiltrator.

This teenage-comedy film has some amazing moments that made people fall in love these girls!

1. Halloween!

This funny scene will make you laugh! Cady dressed as vampire for the Halloween party that scared everyone at the party.

Halloween, vampire, Cady


2.Trust-fall exercise!

One of the amazing moments that will stun you is this one! Starring Tina Fey who has been practicing the trust-fall exercise with other girls.

Tina Fey, trust-fall


3. Invitation!

Queen bees invited Cady to have lunch with them at the canteen! Cady accepted the invitation!

mean girls, Cady


4. Cady feels odd!

Cady feels very difficult to adapt to environment at her new school! Eventually, she takes lunch at washrooms.

odd, environment


5. You think you are pretty?

In order to tease Cady; Regina asks her whether she believes that she’s pretty! Have a look!

pretty, tease


6. Raise your hand!

Another stunning scene from Mean girls is this one! Regina asks to raise hand if anyone is ever victimized!

victimized, Regina


7. Pink Wednesday!

These girls admit that Wednesdays are meant for wearing pink dresses!

Wednesday, pink


8. Shopping time!

One of the best teasing scene you might have seen in the “Mean girls” is this one! Queen bees invite Cady for shopping!

shopping, Cady


9. Mouse!

Amanda dressed up as a mouse for the party! Have a look at this one!

Amanda, dress-up


10. One fine call!

These four girls are having private conservation! Have a look!

call, private


11. Jingle Bell!

These mean girls will make anyone fall in love with them! Have a look at this beautiful dance performance by these girls.

dance, beautiful


12. Speech!

In this scene, Cady is addressing entire crowd after winning the beauty pageant! She gives a beautiful speech that impressed everyone!

speech, beauty


13. Slam book!

 These girls love to paste pictures in their slam books!

slam book, collection


14. Cady finds the lunch room!

Beautiful Cady strives hard to find the lunch room! Have a look what happens when she enters the room.

Cady, enter


15. Cool Mom!

Amy Poehler played the character of Mrs. George! She’s definitely the coolest Mom one could ever have!

cool, mother


16. Sex Teacher!

One of funny scene from Mean girls is this one! The Sex teacher advises not to have sex as it might get girls pregnant!

sex, advice


17. Christmas verses Elections!

A candidate dresses up as Santa and gives presents in order to fetch more votes! Have a look.

politics, Christmas


18. Quiz-time!

One of the epic scenes from Mean girls starring Cady! She’s  solving mathematical expressions to win a point for her team!

Mathematics, qu


19. Bus Scene!

Regina George gets hit by a bus while talking to Cady! This is one the best thrilling scene from Mean girls.

accident, Regina


20. Dismissal of Regina!

Entire school blamed Cady for Regina’s dismissal! Thereby, she’s compelled to take her lunch again in the restroom!

Restroom, dismissal


21. Revenge!

Regina takes her revenge from Karen by spoiling her slam book!

revenge, scream


22. Break up!

Another thrilling scene from Mean Girls is this one! Starring Regina’s break-up with Aaron Samuels!

Regina, break-up


23. Plastic Rules!

Plastic club is all set to explain about the club rules to Cady! Like wearing skirt after the consent of other member!

dress-code, consent



Mean Girl is an amazing movie ever made depicting teenage girls. It is a perfect combination of comedy, romance, suspense and drama.

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