23 Amazing Beauty Products on Amazon That Every Girl Should Try

beauty products on amazon

Beauty has been and always will be one of the primary concerns in every girls life. Thus the need for effective, genuine and trustworthy beauty products is the need of the hour. Amazon India luckily has all the products that a girl needs and desires for the most. Be it everyday care routine kits or luxury beauty products, it promises to fulfil all your needs and wants at one stop shop.

1.CK One Gift Set (EDT 200 ml + Body Lotion 200 ml)

If it Calvin Klein then it’s the Oscars, the BAFTA, The Golden Globe Awards and surely Justin Bieber. Every girl sways at its name. Calvin Klein is one of the many luxury brands in the world that stands a standard apart. With this all new gift set of Eud de Toilette and Body lotion, it is nothing short than a miracle. Get the best of both products at most affordable rates.



2.Kama Ayurveda Wellness Box, 315g

If you are an all-natural-Ayurveda-products-only kind of person then this is the right product for you. One of the best products for beginners. Also it is quite an affordable product to experiment. Go ahead and give your skin the much needed pamper it deserves.



3.Forest Essentials Silkening Shower Wash, Madurai Jasmine and Mogra, 50ml

The company claims that herbs like genhu, sonapatha and bamboo gently cleanse and the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of bala and gokharu heal and repair the skin, by preventing it from the effects of free radicals. Flower fragrances are an all-time classic. You can never go wrong with this product as gift to your girlfriend.



 4.Lakme 9 to 5 Complexion Care Face Cream, Beige, 30 g

CC or BB’s are more than just a mere piece of cosmetic. It has become a crucial part of every girls morning routine. The want for even, matte, natural skin tone is every girls want, need and fantasy. This product with no doubt a girl’s best friend and a must-have on any beauty list.




Toni & Guy Heat Protection Hair Mist, 150ml

Who doesn’t wants their hair to always look, feel and stay beautiful forever. This is the ultimate product for any woman looking for the best hair protector. Tony & Guy have set a standard  globally throughout every salon and fashion runway. One can trust the potential of this product with their eyes closed.




Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal, 1.2g

Kajal defines and outlines the most elegant part of a girl’s face that is her eyes. This little masterpiece is truly a masterpiece when it comes to that. The product claims to stay for 16 hours straight. This smudge proof, water resistant with unique moisturizing ceremides is surely the star of the whole make up kit.



7.Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Mousse, Ivory Fair 01, 25 g

What girl doesn’t loves make-up! Make-up is one of the most important morning rituals that a girl follows especially on those really ‘speacial’ days. Compact powder is one of the most crucial arts of it. And what more better than having the best of the products which is light on the pocket. Give your face that extra shimmer of confidence and power to conquer every single day.



8.MACgiambattistavalli lipstick Taupe

Experience the finely crushed pigments of lavishly lovey colours. This high intese, high impact lipstick is surely one of a kind. Unlike other lipsticks, this one simply glides onto your lips, not forgetting to moisturize and hydrate in the process.  And what can really go wrong with the power of MAC right onto your fingertips.



9.Maybelline New York Nudes, the Nudes Palette

The brand dares its customers to go nude. And why not? With this all in one delight of every nude shade you could possibly have, rule the world with looks. For now, look is the new action and action speaks louder than words. You’d never go wrong with this range of shades. Be it work, party, casual outing or going on a date, the NUDES has a perfect shade for every occasion.



10.Urban Decay Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set with Storage Box, Set of 12

Brushes are one of the most crucial elements of a makeup set and a girl’s life in general. The perfect colour, contour, texture and look can never be achieved without the right kind of brush. Just as an artist  needs its paint brushes to create history, a girl needs her magic brushes to create  everlasting magnificence each time she wields her magic.



11.Dermalogica Brightening Duo Set, Pack of 2

Winner Of GQ Grooming, this is the perfect set of cleanser any girl could desire for. After a hard and tiring day at work, on road, battling dirt, dust and pollution, your skin needs detoxification. Give you’re the skin the ultimate pamper with this brightening kit. It claims to bring out your inner radiance and charm. Also, it is now available at a lightening deal.



12.L’OccitaneImortelle Divine Oil, 30ml

Old age is something every girl dreads. Wrinkles and dullness rattles us to the core. But one must realise that ageing with elegance is the key to beauty in long run. And guess what, L’OccitaneImortelle Divine Oil does just that. It smoothens out you skin with daily use. The longetivity of your youthful skin is something that can be catalyse with this product. Get velvety soft, and radiance rich look today with this amazing oil.



13.Calvin Klein EDT Be, 200ml

This range of Eud de toilette guarantees long lasting and unique fragrance at all times. Girls can never get tired of perfumes. T is a classic gift choice time and again. Unisex  is the new trend for quite some time now. Thus if you have run out of ideas as to what to gift to your girlfriend, this might possibly turn out to be a nice and sweet surprise. Also, you get bragging rights for getting her a calvinklein product which is an all-time favourite of every girl.



14.Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream with Anise, 15g

After a tiring day at work, staring at the computer screen, long enough to tire them out, give it a relaxing session with this product. The product claims to hydrate and moisturize the delicate area of the eye. Let papaya and potato extracts give an extra touch of nature’s care to you delicate, beautiful eyes.



15.Ciate London Baby Paint Pot, Black, 13.5ml

Nail paints are the last thing that would ever go out of fashion. Their charm of adding an extras spunkiness to a girls overall look is charming. This shade in particular is a must have since it goes with almost every special occasion. Also, the loving and cute packaging of the same makes it an irresistible buy option.



16.Kama Ayurveda Rose and Jasmine Face Care Box,100ml

Give your delicate and beautiful face, an Ayurveda touch. In the age of growing knowledge, every human knows the side effects of using chemicals on your skin in long run. Ayurveda is a new and upcoming trend for quite some time now. The product claims to restore radiance and glow to the face with regular use. So pamper your girlfriend  with a gift worth her dedication and hard work.



17.Forest Essentials Pure Rosewater Light Hydrating Gel, 50g

Luxurious pampering to the next level is what this Forest Essentials product guarantees its consumers. This gel base face pack is something that will keep your girlfriend calm and peaceful. Surprising but true. The reason being, even if the girl had  to work till her last breath at times, good skin and glowing face would always give her the confidence and strength to go on . After all, a girl loves her skin. And when she is satisfied with her skin will she be satisfied on the inside and thus it is satisfaction that will make her day, at all times.



18.Chambor Silk Wrap Lipstick 4.5gm

Red is a funny colour. It gives a different feeling every spectator. Some may recognise red with danger, some with love, some with anger and the difference of perception goes on.

But a pop of red gives a domineering feeling to its wearer. Let you girlfriend unleash her inner boss-lady with this silky red lipstick from Chambor.



19.Gucci Guilty Women Edt 75 Ml

Gucci is the ultimate product that every girl would want to lock up in her closet. It is the guilty pleasure of many. This hard to resist product is the ultimate gift you could give to cheer up your angry girlfriend. Forgiveness can be well received with love and extra care with this bottle of delight.



20.Maybelline The Colossal Liner 1.2g

Eyes are said to be the windows to our soul. So why not make its outline more defined and graceful. Wing-out your way and Bolden-up your look with this easy to use liner. Say no to hours of day spent in front of the mirror for the right wing. Let the colossal liner work its charm for you.



21.M.A.C Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation Fond De Teint-03

Foundation is the base on which a make up is built. A good foundation will make even the simplest of make-up graceful and radiant but a bad foundation will make even the most expensive of make –up products look cheap and patchy. With MAC, one can rest ones worries to permanent rest. It has been charming every runway around the world with is effortless magic. So hurry and make your skin happy, you can thank MAC later.



22.L’OccitaneAromachologie Body and Strength Scalp Essence, 125ml

Hairfall is a common issue every woman faces these days. This id due the change in water or hard water and the use of excessively chenmical enriched shampoos. Luckily L’Occitane has come up with a new product to sve your hair. This product claims to help form mini circulation throughout and thus strengthening the body and roots of the hair.