22 Weird Facts About Marriage That Will Make You Question Its Existence

There are some weird facts about marriage that will make you question its existence! Let’s have a look at them!

Amazing facts!

Marriage is among-st the most beautiful relationship between two strangers who decides to walk together for the journey called life. It is more than relationship because it brings two families of different culture and sometimes different religion together, who thereafter shares a common culture, customs, rituals and tradition. The married couple takes over the responsibility to live together, bring their families and make this world a beautiful place to live in. Besides living together, it involves understanding feelings of each other, share their feelings, care for each other and remain together in odd times. It is a beautiful relationship involving trust, sympathy, and patience, praising one another, companionship, love, peace, planning, and care, understanding each other and accepting each other for the entire life. One of the things that keep them together is love!

There are some weird facts about marriage that will make you question its existence! Let’s have a look at them!


1.Few minutes a day!

One of the fact that will stun you is that on an average a couple spends just 30 minutes a day together! It’s because of the office work, domestic work and up-bringing of their kids!

minutes, together


2. Kiss her!

As per a recent survey it was observed that a man who regularly praises his wife and kisses her is found to live longer! So, next time remember to praise your wife!

kiss, live longer


3. Walking Dead!

Another stunning fact that will stun you is that France is the only country in world where one can marry a dead person! Isn’t it amazing?

marriage, death


4. Intercourse

As per studies, on an average married couple have intercourse for about 68 times a year! Thus more than once a week!

couple on the bed


5. Relationship

As per recent studies, about 80 % of marriages are framed among cousins and other such near ones!

Isn’t it amazing?



6. Love for necklace!

Studies have shown that around 90% of women love receiving a necklace as a gift! So, remember to buy her one!

necklace, buy


7. Conspiracy over a wedding dress!

Many of us must be thinking over the big question that Why wedding dresses are white? In early 1840’s people preferred blue, red, pink and black as the colour of wedding dress. But, since after the wedding of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, it became the first preference.

white, wedding dress


8. What does the word “bride” means?

Another stunning fact is that the word “bride” has been taken from ancient proto-Germanic language that means “to cook”!

cook, bride


9. No more love marriages!

You might be wondering that love marriages are better than arranged marriages! But, the truth is that love marriage lasts for shorter period as compared to arrange marriage.

shorter, lasts


10. Las Vegas: marriage hub!

Las Vegas is one of the most preferred destinations for marriage! On an average around 300 couples tie a knot every day in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas, marriage hub


11. What’s the story behind wedding ring?

You might be wondering that from where did the tradition of wedding ring came? This beautiful ring ceremony has been taken from Egyptians!

Ring, Egyptians


12. Vein of Love!

Another amazing fact is that wedding ring is always wore in the fourth finger of the left hand because the Roman traditions believes that vein in the fourth finger is directed towards the heart!

vein, love


13. American relationships last for short term!

As per survey, America is one of those countries in which marriages last for shorter duration!

America, divorce


14. Live-in-relationship!

Today most of us are in the favor of living together before getting married. But, recent studies have shown that people who live together before marriage do not have better marital stability after marriage.

before marriage, divorce


15. Marriage between similar sexes!

The first gay marriage was held long back between the Roman Emperor, Nero and a male-bodied freedman.

gay, marriage


16. Divorce!

On an average a marriage lasts for around 8 years before getting divorce! Isn’t it interesting!

divorce, marriage


17. Happiest year!

As per a survey done over married couple, a couple admits that the best moment of their marriage is the third year!

happy, third year


18. Weird marriage!

One of the weirdest marriages took place long back between the Eiffel tower and a woman named Erica La Tour Eiffel in year 2007! Sounds Interesting!

Eiffel, marriage


19. Divorce at 99!

Another amazing fact that will stun you! An old man aged 99 divorced his wife after spending almost 77 years together with her!

old man, divorce


20. Human-animal marriage!

Sounds strange! An Indian decided to marry his pet dog as atonement!

atonement, marriage


21. Commute together!

As per studies, the couples who travel together for about 45 minutes have a better stability in their relationship.

commute, relationship


22. Live longer!

A recent survey shows that people are engaged in a relationship called marriage lives longer as compared to those who are either divorced or never married! Sounds Interesting!

live, long



Marriage is a beautiful relationship among two people who thereby takes the decision to walk together for the rest of the life. It brings more happiness to those who are married as compared to who are not!


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