22 Waterfalls to See Before You Die

natural wonders that are worth a visit


The beautiful bounty of the Earth overwhelms everyone. It seems that this is not possible. You need to spend some time to believe that such beauties also exist. One such kind of beauty is waterfall.

Seeing the beautiful waterfalls can be a great experience. They have a stunning view and the you don’t forget the splitting voice easily. It is a treat to watch such a beautiful view. You understand the true essence of nature’s beauty when you really feel it. A waterfall is a true spectacle. It’s a proof of nature’s forces and Mother Nature’s wonders.

Waterfalls are the most amazing creation of nature. Water falling from hundreds of meters straight onto the ground seems beautiful. When people from all over the world come to witness the water falling from a great height, you come to know that there is something wonderful in that place. Waterfalls inject life into the lush green and protected ecosystem.

Take a look at the most beautiful, amazing and extraordinary falls that the Earth has witnessed.

  1. Jog Falls (India)

Created by the River Sharavathi, Jog Falls fall from a height of 253 meters. It is the second highest plunge waterfall in India.

Jog Falls (India)


  1. Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)

The Victoria Falls or Mosi-oa-Tunyaare located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. The water of Zambezi River falls straight from a height of 108 meters.

Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)


  1. Kaieteur Falls (Guyana)

This waterfall is a perfect one. Located in the heart of Guyana these falls slip for 226 meters.

Kaieteur Falls (Guyana)


  1. Sutherland Falls (New Zealand)

This waterfall is certainly among the best ones. This 580 meters waterfall is the best of New Zealand.

Sutherland Falls (New Zealand)


  1. Plitvice Waterfalls (Croatia)

It is hard to beat these amazing waterfalls. They are clear and colorful.

Plitvice Waterfalls (Croatia)


  1. Gullfoss (Iceland)

Gullfoss translates into ‘Golden Falls’. These 32 meters high Waterfalls are the most popular in Iceland.

Gullfoss (Iceland)


  1. Iguazu Falls (Argentina/Brazil)

Iguazu Falls are on the the Argentina Brazil border. They are 87 meter high are very impressive.

Iguazu Falls (Argentina/Brazil)


  1. Angel Falls (Venezuela)

They are just 215 miles away from Kaieteur Falls. They fall down uninterrupted from a height of 979 meters.

Angel Falls (Venezuela)


  1. Dettifoss (Iceland)

It is Europe’s most powerful waterfall. It is an internationally loved landscape.

Dettifoss (Iceland)


  1. Yosemite Falls (USA)

It flows for a certain part of the year and not the whole year. Its height is 739 meters.



  1. Ban Gioc – Detian Falls (China/Vietnam)

These are 2 falls on the GuichunRiver. They are world’s fourth largest cross border falls.



  1. Niagara Falls (USA/Canada)

Niagara Falls is the most famous in the world. It marks US-Canada border and fall from very less height.

Niagara Falls (USA/Canada)


  1. Nohkalikai Falls (India)

The water falls from 335 meters. The feeding stream is only 2 km long but these falls are quite impressive.

Nohkalikai Falls (India)


  1. Tugela Falls (South Africa)

This column of water falls from 948 meters. Officially it is 31 meters shorter than Angel Falls.

Tugela Falls (South Africa)



  1. Athirapally Falls (India)

They are located in Kerala. It will give you a feeling of ‘known unknown’.

Athirapally Falls (India)


  1. Blue Nile Falls (Ethiopia)

They are on the Blue Nile river. It is Ethiopia’s best tourist destination.

Blue Nile Falls (Ethiopia)


  1. Browne Falls (New Zealand)

These falls dominate the location. It is narrow, but dips 836 meters.

Browne Falls (New Zealand)


  1. DudhSagar Falls (India)

Goa is there party capital of India. These falls in Goa are not widely known. The water here looks as white as milk.

DudhSagar Falls (India)


  1. Vinnufossen (Norway)

Vinnufossen are the tallest falls in Europe and sixth tallest in the world. It falls directly from 860 metres.



  1. Eas a’ ChualAluinn (UK)

These waterfalls dive more than 200 metres. This is often unheralded.

Eas a’ ChualAluinn (UK)


  1. Chitrakoot Falls (India)

They are located in Chattisgarh. With a resort near it, you can enjoy it’s full beauty.

Chitrakoot Falls (India)


  1. Iruppu Falls (India)

They are located in the coffee capital of India, Coorg, Karnataka. These falls can be reached by trekking.
Iruppu Falls (India)


Bored of waking up by the sounds of horns and whistles? Go to some of these and enjoy the enchanting voice.