22 Quick Exercises To Make 6 Pack Abs In A Month

Some amazing abs exercises that can be done at home.

Best exercises!

It is a self-evident fact that anything that is pleasing, alluring and unique draws attention of millions. One of them is “health”. There is nothing more valuable than a good health. We quite often make resolution to ourselves that we will get into excellent physical condition and will take healthy diet when we have a little bit more time. But, deep within us, we know that we will never get a better time to live at our best. The hour slips into days, day slips into months and month slips into years. One of the best body features that is pleasing and adds aesthetic value to a person is “Abs”. It has now become a boon among youngsters; they are spending a large amount to make their body look great! Most of them are regularly exercising in Gym!

But, there are some amazing exercises that can be done at home to make abs that too in a month! Let’s have a look!


1. Exercise this one!

Lean forward with a single point contact with the mat and try to touch your toes! Practice it for 5-7 minutes daily!

feet, lower abs


2. Stretch!

Another excellent exercise! Put your entire body weight on your back! Now stretch sideways! It should be done for 4-6 minutes.

stretch, side-ways


3. Perfect Right Angle!

Lean on your back now let your legs stand straight making an angle of 90° with the abdomen! Repeat this step 5-6 times!

right angle, perfect


4. V-shape!

Have a look at this one! Bend your legs forming a V. Now, lift your back as shown here! It should be done for 2-5 minutes!

Hip thrust, bend


5. Cross-stretch!

First lay down straight! Now, lift your upper body and stretch it sideways as shown!

cross-stretch, sideways


6. Weight distribution!

One of most important things for people who are looking for making great abs is to burn their extra fat! Try this one!

burn fat, abs


7. Muscle stretch!

Another thing that is required for amazing abs! Stretch your body sideways! Have a look!

stretch, side-ways


8. Core workout!

In this exercise, put your body weight entirely upon your back! Now lift a weight and hold it tightly. Now stretch your shoulders sideways!

core, shoulder


9. Try this one!

Put your body weight over your forearms and release it gradually over the legs one-by-one!

balance, one-by-one


10. Dumbbells!

Hold about 3-4 kg of weight while leaning forward! I t should be done for 3-5 minutes daily!

Dumbbell, exercise


11. Lower abs!

Another amazing exercise is this one! It helps in making lower abs!

lower abs, weight-balancing



12. Twist your body a bit!

Practice this one for 3-5 minutes in a single session! It will make your muscles in abdomen strong!

twist, abdomen


13. Weight over arms!

This exercise will be effective in burning fat! Balance your body via forearms!

arms, balance


14. Spider-crawl!

Another amazing work-out is this one! Crawl like a spider while putting your body weight over your arms!

crawl, spider


15. Upside-down!

Try these basic steps! It should be practiced for 3-5 minutes!

upside, down


16. Sit-ups!

Another amazing exercise to make perfect abs is Sit-ups! It will burn the extra fat and make muscles in the abdomen strong!

sit-ups, abdomen


17. Lift it one-by-one!

Another amazing exercise to make abs is this one! It should be repeated for 5 minutes!

lift, one-by-one


18. Side-bend!

 Hold a dumbbell of around 3-4 kg! Bend your body sideways as shown!

bend, sideways


19. Rope-Bend

Try this one! Stretch a rigid rope as shown and stretch your forearms sideways!

rope, stretch


20. Lateral rise!

Another amazing exercise! It must be practiced for 3-4 minutes!

Lateral rise, practice


21. Skipping-Rope!

Jump over the skipping rope for 3-5 minutes in a single session.

skipping rope, jump


22. Raise your Hips!

Another exercise that should be practiced daily for 5-6 minutes in a single session! It will help you make abs in a month!

hips thrust, abs



Making abs in month is not a difficult task! It just requires dedication, hard-work and passion! These exercises have to be practiced in daily routine along with proper diet to make things work!

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