22 Cool Things To Know About LG X Power

This year, LG X Power is launched with amazing features. Let’s have better insights into this gadget.

South Korean Electronics giant, LG

LG X Power‖ Insight

One of the biggest launches from South Korean Electronics giant, LG this year is ready to hit the market. Earlier phones were equipped with basic features like calling, messaging, alarm, FM radio and other such nominal features. Later, came multimedia phones with in-built camera and it became very popular in tech-world. One of the South Korean companies, Nokia ruled the market for over a decade with its most popular N series. Thereafter, researchers and innovators worked together over much more advanced communication technology and the Smartphone was born. Today, there are thousands of Smartphone manufacturers that are competing against each other in terms of upgrading their device with latest technology. LG have made its best-ever effort that will surely worry its competitors.

This year, LG X Power is launched with amazing feature. Let’s have better insights into this gadget.

1. Massive Battery!

One of the features that will amaze you about this handset is its excellent battery. LG X Power comes with 4100 mAh battery.

massive, battery


2. Best ever talktime!

Another thing that is good about this smart device is its workability. LG X Power allows you to spend 27 hours on talktime with a standby of 925 hours.

workability, talktime


3. Endless videos!

If you are a video lover then this phone will not disappoint you. It is capable of playing videos upto 19 hours and audio upto 185 hours on a single charging.

endless, video


4. Bigger screen.

LG Smartphones are known for their big screen size. LG X Power comes with a 5.3’’ of display.

big, screen


5. No more scratches!

Another thing that makes this device great is its screen protection. LG X Power is equipped with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 3.0

gorilla glass, protection


6. Excellent screen resolution.

This phone is an excellent choice for those who want HD display at low price. LG X Power has an amazing screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels.

resolution, excellent


7. Latest Android!

LG X Power is upgraded with latest android launch, Marshmallow 6.0

android, latest


8. Massive RAM

Another feature that makes this device stand out of the herd is its RAM. LG X Power comes with a RAM of 2 GB.



9. Excellent speed

One of thing that always concerns the user is speed. LG X Power is equipped with a 1.3 GHz. Quad core MediaTek MT6735 processor.

speed, processor


10. Large Volume of space!

Another issue that worries Smartphone user is the device’s memory. LG X Power is capable of storing data upto 16 GB which is expandable to 32 GB.

memory, worries


11. Great Snapshots this time!

 LG X Power is equipped with 13 MP rear and 5 MP front cameras.

camera, equipped


12. Superb Connectivity!

LG X Power conforms to give excellent connectivity options for users. It supports 4G LTE, Wireless, 3G and many more.

4G, conform


13. Quick Charging!

Another thing that makes this device a great value for money is quick charging. It is equipped with Qualcomm Quick charging 2.0.

quick, charge


14. How much to pay?

This excellent device is a great value for your money. It will cost you nearly 200 GBP i.e. 18,000 INR.

cost, value


15. Where to find mine?

Currently, this phone is launched in UK and is available at some leading e-commerce stores. It will be soon available in other regions too.

find, UK


16. Feather light!

Another thing that makes its stand out of the herd is its feather light weight. LG X Power weighs just 139 grams.

weight, light


17. LG missed out!

A thing that will disappoint you is that; LG X Power is not a waterproof handset. So, handle it with care.

disappoint, waterproof


18. Security overlooked!

It’s embarrassing to know that LG X Power is not equipped with best in trend, Fingerprint unlock.

fingerprint, unlock


19. Supports almost all headphones.

Another thing that makes this phone versatile is the 3.5 mm audio jack. It supports almost all headphones.

support, headphones


20. Poor cooling!

A thing that will disappoint you about this phone is overheating. As per customer reviews this phone gets overheated within 2 hours of charging.

overheating, poor


21. Great for selfie!

Inspite of some limitations, this phone is good at capturing great selfies. LG X Power is equipped with Auto-shot feature that automatically detects user’s face.

selfie, auto-shot


22. Looks will disappoint!

Additional thing that was overlooked by LG is its looks. LG X Power does not have pleasing design.

design, overlook


LGX Power Review

One of the biggest releases from LG this year will surely hit the market with its amazing battery and quick charging. This phone promises to complete against similar smart phones.

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