22 Cool Things To Know About Lenovo Z2 Plus

Lenovo Z2 Plus

Lenovo Z2 Plus ‖ Insights

Earlier phones were equipped with basic features like calling, messaging, alarm, FM radio and other such nominal features only. Later, came multimedia phones with in-built camera and it became very popular in tech-world. One of the South Korean companies, Nokia ruled the market for over a decade with its most popular N series. Thereafter, researchers and innovators worked together over much more advanced communication technology and the Smartphone was born. Today, there are thousands of Smartphone manufacturers that are competing against each other in terms of upgrading their device with latest technology. One of the best things that will amaze you is the launch of much-awaited Smartphone Lenovo Z2 Plus. Since after advent of Lenovo in Smartphone segment it has been working to make their phone reliable and compatible to latest technology!

Below are some greate insights about the biggest launch of Lenovo this year! Let’s have a look! What’s there for us!

1. Bigger Screen!

Since the advent of Lenovo in Smartphone segment, it aims to give better display to its customers. Lenovo Z2 Plus comes with a screen size of 5 inches.

big, screen


2. Curved Screen!

Another amazing feature about this phone is its 2.5 D curved design!

curved, screen


 3. HD display!

One of the best features of this phone is its display! Lenovo Z2 Plus comes with HD display!

HD, display


4. Faster speed!

Lenovo Z2 Plus is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor to give you a faster experience! Have a look!

processor, speed


5. Massive RAM!

One of the best features of this phone that makes it stand out of the herd is its RAM! This phone is available with 3 GB and 4 GB RAM.

RAM, 3 GB, 4 GB


6. Spacious!

Now, never worry about storage space! Lenovo Z2 Plus comes with an internal storage capacity of 32 GB and 64 GB.

32 GB, 64 GB


7. Best value for Money!

This amazing phone is a must to have phone! Its amazing feature will be best value for your money!

money, value


8. Adreno 530 GPU

Another amazing feature of this Smartphones is that it is equipped with Adreno 530 GPU! It is believed to be about 40 % faster than its previous version.

Adreno 530 GPU, faster


9. Energy saver mode!

This Smartphone’s processor consumes less energy! Thereby, gives you extra battery back-up!

battery, energy-saver


10. Care for your Health!

One of the best features of this Smartphone that makes it stand-out of the herd is its health monitoring app! U-health.

U-health, App


11. Motion-Sensors

Smartphone’s motion sensor will keep a track over your movements.

track, movements


12. Fiberglass!

Lenovo Z2 Plus is equipped with a fiberglass frame.

fiberglass, frame


13. Feather-light weight!

One of the best feature of this Smartphone that makes it first choice for buyers is its feather light weight!

light-weight, priority


14. Excellent Network connectivity!

Another amazing feature of this Smartphone is its excellent network connectivity!

connectivity, 3G, 4G, LTE


15. Beautiful Snaps!

It is equipped with 13 mega-pixels rear-camera and 8 mega-pixels front!

13 MP rear, 8 MP front


16. Secure your data!

Smartphone fingerprint sensor will keep your data safe.

finger-print sensor, security


17. Selfie-phone!

This phone is equipped with an image sensor of 1.34 microns to make your selfies look great even in dim-light!

selfie, sensor


18. Gesture!

This Smartphone have a quick response to gestures!

gesture, quick-response


19. How much will it cost?

Lenovo Z2 Plus costs just 17,999 INR!

cost, reasonable


20. Where to buy?

This Smartphone is available at all leading stores and over e-commerce sites! Rush now!

e-commerce, stores


21. When it will be launched?

This phone has been launched in India on 25th September! Buy yours now!

launched, buy


22. Battery-backup!

Besides amazing apps, cameras, sensors and other amazing features! This phone provides an excellent battery backup!

battery, amazing


Thus, Lenovo Z2 Plus is a perfect combination of stunning camera, faster processor, massive RAM, big battery, HD display and many more! That too at lowest cost! Overall it’s an amazing option for Smartphone-buyers!

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