22 Comedy Movies You Should Watch Before You Die

Remember to breathe while watching these. These are full of humor.

40 year old virgin



Movies are the most popular and the easiest way of entertainment but comedy takes them to a whole new level. There are multiple genres like romance, mystery, thriller, action etc. but comedy is out of the league. Who does not want to have a couple of laughs and giggles in the evening after a long day? No one, today, has the time to read comedies. But you can obviously watch them on the weekends or in the evenings.

Comedy is the most loved genre of all time and legends like Charlie Chaplin and Mel Brooks make comedy look easy but it is not.

There are some classic comedy movies that stand out and remain in our minds and hearts forever.

So have a look at the list of comedy movies and watch the ones you have still not watched.

  1. Old School



  1. The Monty Python Trilogy

#MontyPython #trilogy #comedy


  1. Animal house

. #animal #classic #humour


  1. In Bruges

Two assassins sent to Bruges and then they were told why. #Bruges #assassins


  1. Disaster Movie

This is certainly a disaster. Be alert before watching this movie. #disaster #wreck


  1. Airplane

This is not just a classic. You will love it irrespective of your age, gender or preference. #airplane #classic


  1. The Hangover

What happens after the bachelor’s party in Las Vegas with the three friends remains with them only? How they counter it? Watch it.

#bachelor's #party #hangover


  1. The Dictator

It is among the best mock comedies you’ll ever see. This shows the life of a dictator in a closed circle.

#mock #dictator #life


  1. Four Lions

Four jihadis plan to launch an attack. There is a problem. Their IQs.

#jihadi #attack #IQ


  1. White Chicks

This is one hell of a movie. Marley brothers play role of FBI agents who have to go undercover as Wilson sisters.
#white #marley #FBI


  1. Borat

Borat seems to be a perfect movie. You will burst out laughing.
#Borat #LOL


  1. Superbad

Two seniors are left to deal with separation anxiety. Watch this sub 2 hour flick.
 #superbad #sub2hours #separation


  1. Groundhog Day

This revolves around a man who is trapped in finding himself living same everyday. It is rated as eighth best in genre of fantasy.
#fantasy #same


  1. In The Loop

An English cabinet minister says something stupid in an interview. This lands him in a controversy.
#interview #controversy


  1. Dumb and Dumber: When Harry met Lloyd

This was a pure comedy genius. It did not have a great story-line but the depiction was great. #storyline #depiction #great


  1. Family Guy

This is a story about a dysfunctional family. This is hilarious.
#hilarious #dysfunctional


  1. Notting Hill

This movie is said to be over rated. However, the movie is so clever written that it is worth the watch. #NottingHill #clever


  1. American Beauty

A man has a frustrating life because of his family. So he decides to take control and be happy. #happy #frustrating


  1. Son of the mask

It was one of the most loved comedy of the ‘90s. This launched the career of Cameron Diaz. #mask #diaz #loved


  1. Role Models

A wild behavior of two men forces them to enroll in Big Brother program. This is worth your time. #time #BigBrother


  1. The 40 year Old Virgin

This is a great movie for those who love real life plot. This movie revolves around the 40 year old virgin.

40 year old virgin


  1. Black Sheep

A genetic experiment turns a wild sheep into insane killing machine in a New Zealand town.

black sheep


Grab some popcorn and lie on a couch and get started with these movies.