22 Best Snapshots From “Scream Queens”

Below are amazing snapshots from much awaited series that itself narrates the story!

Scream Queens

Best of Scream Queens!

Another example of amazing work from the trio, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan is the American TV series, “Scream Queens”. Murphy along with his team launched this horror-comedy series on 22nd September 2015. The success of season 1 inspired this trio to bring season 2 series with much more fun. This American horror-comedy TV series is about a girl named Bella who behaves abnormal by screaming and drawing pictures of people around her. Disappointed by her abnormal behavior, her friends decides to send her a mental asylum named Eichen House. After spending her 3 months at this place, she moves to California with her half-sister. Then comes the time when everything seems to be normal for her, she makes lot of friends. But, past memories of Eichen house do not let her settle. She takes her revenge from her old friends who were responsible for sending her to the Eichen house.

Below are amazing snapshots from much awaited series that itself narrates the story!

1. Girls run the world!

One of the best examples of feminism is this scene from Scream Queen. These girls will amaze you!

feminist, supernatural


2. Spoiler Alert!

These girls admit that there is “Waterfall in her Jam”. These girls will never call an ambulance! Have a look!

bath tub, ambulance


3. Halloween plan!

The fourth episode from first season deals with the Halloween plan starring Grace and Pete making their effort to keep Wallace University always open. Have a look!

Halloween, fear


4. Entry into Kappa House!

These girls will scare you with their entry into Kappa House, which is believed to be haunted. Have a look!

kappa house, haunted


5. Bleeding mother!

Another scene that will thrill you is the spotting of a girl who gave birth to a baby in bathroom tub! Have a look!

birth, death


6. Who is this baby’s father?

Another thing that will keep you thinking is who’s this baby’s father? Have a look at this scene!

father, mystery


7. Did Boone know the killer?

After watching this episode, viewers will get the answer to their most confusing question, did Boone knew the killer? Have a look at this!

boone, knew


8. Why Dean Munsch did not unveiled the mishappening?

Another question is that inspite of knowing about the mysterious death at Kappa House in 1995, Dean Munsch did not reported to Police.

dean, unveil


9. Conspiracy over Ms. Bean’s body!

Another thing that is suspense among the viewers is that if Ms. Bean was dead then where did her body go?

bean, body


10. Obituary on Ms. Bean’s death!

When Grace along with her team failed to find Ms. Bean’s body, they decided to pray for her soul rest in peace.

obituary, candle


11. Black Friday!

This is what happened on Black Friday! Grace is surprised to receive an unexpected gift!

gift, surprise


12. Stunned Viewers!

Another thing that stunned viewers is the death of leading character Arianna Grande. Have a look at this!

leading, stun


13. The Red Devil

This scene depicts how the red devil starts taking revenge? This serial killer will stun the viewers!

fear, red devil


14. Kappa Princesses!

These three girls, Emma, Billie and Abigail enter the haunted house! Have a look what happened next?

trio, haunted


15. Lea at her best!

Lea Michele has proved about her proficiency in comedy genre! Her excellent work will amaze you!

Lea, humor


16. Is Emma the next victim?

After Ms. Bean another big question arises is that who will be the next? Viewers might be guessing its Emma!

next, victim


17. Red devil attacks!

This scene depicts, Red devil that attacks Kappa house member one after the other! Have a look at Arianna being his next victim!

Arianna, death


18. Boone’s Lifeless Body

Another thing that stunned million viewers is the death of leading male character, Boone! Have a look at his cut throat!

Boone, throat


19. Witness at Kappa House

Jennifer, another character in Scream Queen admits that she saw the murderer at kappa house! Have a look at this!

Jennifer, witness


20. Conspiracy over Dean’s statement!

Dean at Wallace University gave a controversial statement! Have a look at this!

conspiracy, thrill


21. Horror mixed with comic scenes!

Another thing that makes this show stand of the herd is that it is perfect fusion of comedy and horror. Have a look at this drunken goat!

goat, drunk


22. Another moment of Laughter!

Another thing that will make you laugh is the perfect comic timing of the duos- Chad and Boone. They are playing the gay character in this series.

laugh, comic, gay


Thus, Scream Queen is a perfect fusion of horror and comedy. This show is another example of excellent work from the trio Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan.

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