22 Awesome Things About Google Nexus

Some amazing features of the Google’s best ever release, Google Nexus

Google Nexus

Google Nexus ‖ Insights

Earlier phones were equipped with basic features like calling, messaging, alarm, FM radio etc. Later, came multimedia phones with in-built camera and they became popular in tech-world. One of the South Korean companies, Nokia ruled the market once over a decade with its most popular N series phones. Then, researchers and innovators worked together over much more advanced communication technology and hence Smartphone was born.

Today, there are thousands of Smartphone manufacturers which are competing against each other in terms of upgrading their device with the latest technology. You all might be aware of one of the Top IT Company; “Google” which is a well known name in providing search optimization over World Wide Web. The Advent of Google in the Smartphone industry has brought remarkable changes in the communication technology.

An insight into Google smart release!

1. Bigger display!

Google Nexus is equipped with 5.2’’ screen which will ensure better accessibility for its users. It also now became part of the big-screen smart phones family.

screen, big


2. Best ever security

One of the best features of nexus is its fingerprint sensor technology which will keep data safe and secure.

fingerprint, security


3. Best-ever network technology

Nexus is equipped with best-ever network compatibility. It is compatible with the GSM and CDMA.

compatible, GSM, CDMA


4. Regular updates

One of the additional feature which makes Nexus an excellent choice for buyers is that it receives regular software updates. Thus, it keeps you updated with the latest features.

updates, choice


5. Latest Android platform!

Google nexus operates on latest Android platform, Marshmallow that is the Android 6.0 release.

android, Marshmallow


6. Feather light weight

Another feature of the smart device is its light weight. Nexus weighs just 4.8 ounces!

light, smart


7. High definition screen resolution

Nexus besides its sleek design and looks gives excellent screen resolution too. It is equipped with 1920 x 1080 pixel screen display.

display, sleek


8. Beautifully built

Nexus is made by renowned South Korea Company, L.G. It is an example of beautiful technological craftsmanship.

LG, craftsmanship


9. Active Edge controls!

Nexus is equipped with an active edge. The volume and power buttons are crafted on edge to make it look more tempting.

active, edge


10. Music at its best!

It is an amazing phone for music lovers. Nexus is equipped with two front speakers that makes it right choice for music lovers.

amazing, music


11. Rock hard screen

Nexus is equipped with Gorilla Glass 3.0 making it rock hard. So, next time you drop it, don’t worry.

rock- hard, scratch resistant


12. Better grip!

Nexus is crafted from such a material which enables user to have better grip over the phone. It will not slip out from user’s hand.

grip, texture


13. Value for your money!

Many of you are thinking about its price. Nexus will cost you just 380 US $.

cost, 380 US $


14. Capacitive touch

Nexus is so good at responding. This feature will amaze you! It comes with a feather soft touch

response, touch


15. Headphones support

Nexus is equipped with a 3.5 mm jack at the bottom. It supports almost all headphones, making it versatile smart device.

versatile, 3.5 mm jack


16. Divot for better balance.

Another thing that makes this phone stand out of the herd is that a divot is provided in the back panel of nexus to allow easy balancing of the phone with just a finger.

divot, balance


17. Operates on gesture

One of the features that make it a smart phone is the motion sensor that is good at reading gestures and responding very well.

gesture, sensor


18. Supports apps

One of the admiring feature of Nexus is that it supports almost all apps and runs efficiently too.

admire, efficient


19. Immediate response!

Nexus is very good at responding to your commands. It is equipped with hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor for excellent speed.

hexa-core, speed


20. Amazing snapshots!

Nexus is an amazing phone for those who are looking for best camera phones! It takes excellent pictures even in poor light with 4K video recording

4K, camera


21. Fast charging

Nexus is equipped with USB type C charger that enables fast charging. It will get you 4 hours battery back-up for just 10 minutes charging.

Fast, charging


22.  Google apps!

Nexus comes with pre-installed Google apps. These apps will make this phone an all-in-one smart device.

Google apps, installed


So Google Nexus is one of the best- ever release from IT giant. It is equipped with the latest technology and is an all-in-one smart device.

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