22 Awesome Photos Of Adriana Lima

This beautiful Brazilian Supermodel is adored by millions world-wide. Let’s have a look at her awesome pics.

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Best of Adriana Lima!

Adriana Lima is a big name in the modeling industry. This 35 years old model hails from Brazil. An interesting thing about Adriana is that modeling was not a cup of tea for her though she won many beauty pageants in higher school days. She admits that her entry into the glam-world is mere a coincidence. One of her friend was looking for a career in modeling industry; she requested Adriana to accompany her in the contest and thereafter both sent their portfolio for the audition. Surprisingly, Adriana was selected and was called for an appointment.

Besides modeling, there is another interesting thing about her; she is fluent in four languages (which are Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese). Since 2000, she’s working with Victoria’s secrets as a model.

This beautiful Brazilian Supermodel is adored by millions world-wide. Let’s have a look over her awesome pics.

1. Adorable pic!

This pic will make you fall in love with this Brazilian model.

adorable, love


2. Sensational Adriana!

Have a look at this sensational pic straight from Adriana’s best ever collection!

sensational, beautiful


3. Alluring!

Another amazing pic of Brazilian Supermodel Adriana that will stun you! Have a look!

supermodel, alluring


4. Amazing dressing sense!

Another thing about Adriana is her amazing dressing sense! She’s very good at combinations!

Amazing dress, good


5. Adored by millions!

Adriana is one of those models who is adored by millions worldwide! Have a look at another amazing pic!

adore, amazing


6. Sparkling smile!

Another beautiful feature of this Brazilian Supermodel is her eye-catchy smile! She has a beautiful smile!

smile, beautiful


7. Simply Beautiful!

Adriana has won many of beauty pageants! She’s the running supermodel for Victoria’s secrets since 2000.

beautiful, pageants


8. Charming personality!

Adriana is best known for her charming personality! Have a look at this one!

charming, adorable


9. One in million!

Adriana is among those models that besides modeling are good in communication! This supermodel can speak four languages.

indigenous, communication


10. Cute!

Have a look at this one! She’s looking damn cute!

cute, beautiful


11. Gorgeous!

Another amazing pic straight from Adriana’s gallery! She’s looking gorgeous!

gorgeous, lovely


12. Fitness at its best!

Adriana is very conscious about her fitness. Besides nutritious diet, she drinks plenty of water to her skin hydrated.

fitness, diet


13. Lovely pic!

Another lovely pic from her best-ever collection! Have a look at this one!

lovely, best-ever


14. Adept in modeling!

Adriana is recognized as Supermodel because of her unbeatable skills in modeling! Have a look at this one!

supermodel, unbeatable


15. A billion dream!

Adriana is very popular among youngsters who are pursuing career in modeling! Have a look!

modeling, popular


16. Stunning looks!

Another stunning pic straight from Adriana’s gallery! Have a look at this one!

stunning, lovely


17. This Brazilian model will astound you!

Have a look at this one! She will astound you with her beauty!

astound, beauty


18.Next to perfection!

Adriana always strives for best! She’s always curious to learn the trending fashion and adapts it too!

perfection, learn


19. Millions Followers!

Adriana is known for her beauty, charm and dressing sense! Lots of people follow her dressing sense.

follows, trend


20. Astonishing pic!

This pic will astonish you with her sensational looks! Have a look!

astonish, sensational


21. Elegant model!

Adriana is so refined in her modeling skills that she will stun you! Have a look!

elegant, stunning


22. Fall in Love!

This awesome pic straight from Adriana’s gallery will make you fall in love with her! Have a look!

love, best-ever collections


Adriana Lima has made a big name in modeling industry. Besides being the winner of many beauty contests, She is the running Supermodel of legendry, Victoria’s Secrets.

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