21 Ways To Try Coffee That Can Make Any Coffee Lover Go Rock and Roll

Let’s have a look at these methods!

Beverage drink

Taste Redefined!

One of the best imports from Africa is Coffee. It is also one of the widely known Beverage drink. Besides making you alert, it is a best ant-oxidants that helps to reduce stress and keeps you healthy by improvising your immune system. It is very rich in vitamins like Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Manganese and Potassium.

Also, coffee helps in burning extra fat out of the body. There are many variants of the coffee found in the world; one of the most expensive coffees is the “Black Ivory Coffee” that is made from the elephant’s waste.

Drinking coffee is also good for the functioning of Liver. As per studies, it is scientifically proved that drinking coffee improves physical activity of a person to a great extent!

Let’s have a look at drinking coffee consuming methods!

1. Coffee Cake!

Besides using Coffee as a drink! It can be used to make delicious cakes! Have a look at this one! Involving use of coffee power along with cocoa powder!

cake, coffee


2. Chemex method!

One of the best methods to prepare coffee is the Chemex method! I t involves adding hot water over coffee beans followed by skimmed milk.

Chemex method, hot water


3. Cold Brew method!

In this method, cold water is added instead of hot! It is then soaked for some time to extract the coffee flavor!

cold brew, steeped


4. French Press!

Another method to make amazing coffee that too in short span of time is French Press!!

French press, quick


5. Coffee in 5 seconds!

One of the faster methods to prepare coffee in not more than 5 seconds in this one! Instant method!

instant coffee, fast


6. Dark Roast Coffee!

single-serve, amazing


7. Best-ever flavor!

 Standard Dip process

Standard dips, best


8. Cow-boy method!

One of the unique methods to prepare coffee is the Cowboy method! It involves adding coffee beans in water and heating it over burner.

cow-boy method, prepare


9. Vacuum Pot for your Coffee!

 Coffee tastes better by this method!

vacuum, unique


10. Aeropress for your coffee!

Coffee can be prepared by using this apparatus! It works on air pressure!

Aeropress, apparatus


11. Perfect combo!

Another application of coffee is this one! Green salad served with Coffee Vinaigrette!

coffee, combo


12. Cold Brew!

Another amazing coffee! Add ice cubes to the cold milk followed by instant coffee powder!

ice, coffee


13. Irish Coffee!

 In this method Whiskey is major ingredient of coffee!

Whiskey, coffee


14. Seems Tasty!

Ice-cream made out of coffee!

malted ice-cream, tasty


15. Perfect Coffee Dessert!

Meringue combos with Hazelnuts and coffee!

combos, delicious


16. Sweet and Salty!

Honey and coffee combos!

honey, coffee


17. Coffee combos with Vanilla!

coffee, vanilla


18. Vietnamese Coffee!

Have a look at this one! It involves instant adding cold milk in the boiled coffee! Followed by adding ice-cubes!

Vietnamese, iced-coffee


19. Crownie!

Another version of Brownie involving use of coffee powder is Crownie!

Crownie, tasty


20.Coffer Bar!

Coffee is mixed with beer and whipped cream!

bar, coffee


21. Dark moon coffee!

One of the best flavors of coffee is this one! Coffee is combined with coca-cola!

Dark moon, coffee



Coffee is one of most liked beverages! There are numerous methods to make best use of these African delight- Coffee beans tastier!

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