Life is an opportunity that we as humans are fortunate to have. We should acknowledge the value of every single moment in life and cherish it completely. As quoted ‘A good beginning makes a good ending’, it is necessary that we start our day with full energy and enthusiasm. This would help us ending it with satisfaction and fulfillment.

Here are 21 simple ways to get you through the day, helping you to stay a balanced and prosperous life. Thus, we should employ our lives effectively in the duties a human is expected to implement for the benefit of oneself and the society as a whole. These ways help in uniting one with others and inspire among them a bond, which is beneficial for all the creatures. Further, the act of humanity helps in purifying oneself, by fulfilling one with the boundless pleasures.

Reading these 21 hacks for the day would lead to a day as near to a perfect one, and will give your life a deep and divergent meaning.

1. Make Your Bed

Making up your bed as soon as you wake up in the morning, makes you feel energetic and fresh. It is a habit that brings a difference in our lives and gives pleasure to many of them.



2. Have Healthy Breakfast

Cooking breakfast for self as well others, gives a satisfying feeling, as one is able to cook scrambled eggs, toast and juice. Since breakfast is considered to be the king of food, having a perfectly healthy breakfast starts the day energetically and keeps one cheerful the entire day.



3. Stay Fit And Fine

There has been a grave concern towards exercise in the modern era as the cases of obesity and health issues multiplied. A regular exercise, be it gymming or running keeps one physically fit and mentally strong throughout the day. It kills the gloominess and dullness of the day, making it afresh.



4. Take A Shower

Taking bath in morning, whether going for work or enjoying a weekend, keeps one afresh throughout the day. It is a good practice to stay physically as well as mentally tidy and is the key to productivity.



5. Remember The Almighty

Meditation is an act that helps in achieving the mental peace and relates us to the Creator of all. In one’s own way, one should be grateful for the beautiful life given to them and pay their gratitude once in a day.

Praying Woman


6. Schedule Your Routine

It would help things take place in a systematic order and ensure that the tasks are handled efficiently. Avoiding the haphazard situation, time-table leads the day placidly. It also helps one to plan for future, be it a meeting or a party at weekend.



7. Create A To-Do List

With the new apps in the Android mobiles, one can create and update a To-Do list instantly, allotting specific time for each task. Humans often tend to dismiss things and thus, a To-Do list surely helps remember all the tasks to be done in a day.



8. Set Your Priorities

When one is overloaded with many things to do in a day, prioritizing the tasks helps them to manage each one of them efficiently. The ones that need to be fulfilled the same day in case of any urgency should be listed first.



9. Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Make it a point to perform your best in every action you undertake, whether at work or home. The smallest of the task given to you, which might be of disinterest to you can instill a sense of satisfaction and pleasure, when performed at your best.



10. Try And Try

Nobody is a perfectionist, as there is no definition that could define the word perfect. But one should try to achieve things as perfectly as they can. Practice makes a man perfect and hence, with practice, we can improve ourselves at every stage. Perfectionism is a quality that not only impresses others but gives a sense of self-appraisal that boosts our self-confidence.



11. Fill In The Blanks

Complete every task that you undertake till the end. Giving up in the middle signifies restlessness and incompleteness from within. Those blanks need to be filled in order to have a continuous way to reach the destination.



12. Test Your Senses

When you sense your productivity begins to fade, try solving a puzzle, quiz or play some challenging game to boost the productivity within yourself. The act should be enjoyable too, that would make you feel relaxed and pleasurable.



13. Complement Your Creativity

Take out time, at least half an hour for your hobbies, be it drawing or reading novels, playing games etc. that would allow you to relax and enhance your creativity.



14. Clean And Green

Cleanliness is important for healthy mind, body and spirit and thus, is said to be next to godliness. The ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ initiated by Modi, has raised the concern for cleanliness in quite a number of places. Cleanliness not only keeps us healthy and productive but also adds to the aesthetic value of our resources.



15. Analyze Your Potential

The best way to analyze the thoughts is to keep them writing in a diary and ponder over them patiently. Whatever your skill set, the process of sitting down to express thoughts in words can be beneficial. It stimulates your brain and helps to clarify your thoughts.



16. Being With Beloved

Spending quality time with beloved ones strengthens the bond and a healthy relationship allows one to have mental peace and pleasure. They are always there with you in your peaks and valleys.



17. Socialize Yourself

As we live in a society and work together, socializing with friends helps in building personal as well professional bonds.

Young people drinking beer outdoors


18. Spread Humanity

Escalate humanity by helping others, be it an underprivileged or animals. This lets you experience the sense of joy which is beyond the worldly pleasures and spread happiness around the globe.



19. Set Your Goals And Acknowledge The Progress

One should have life-achieving goals to keep them motivated in their lives and should acknowledge their each and every progress on a daily basis as one heads in their lives.



20. Dishes After Dinner

The regular habit of washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen after meals is another aspect of cleanliness. With cleaner kitchen the next early morning, it makes one feel more alive.



21. Before Going To Bed

Once before going to sleep, get your things ready for next morning routine, so that the other day doesn’t get haphazard and starts systematically.



So, try following these 21 ways to lead diurnal divergently and let us know how these 21 hacks made a difference in your lives.

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