21 Interesting Things To Know About Xbox One

Have a look at the following things that will surely help you get better insights of Microsoft, Xbox One!

Xbox One

Xbox One Insights

So the advent of Microsoft’s gaming console Xbox in the tech-world brought remarkable changes in the way people play games. It is equipped with some of the most exciting features such as precision direction pads, impulse trigger, motion sensor, Skype support, Wi-Fi radio which are added while keeping in mind the demands of the game lovers. This gaming console is considered to be the start of a new revolution in the gaming world.

 Xbox One is one of the biggest ever release from Microsoft in the all-in-one living room device. This single device is packed with the features of television, gaming and all sought of other entertainments. Wondering about its looks! It is a black-colored glossy box equipped with a top loaded optical drive. I know you are getting curious to know about its features and other details!

So, look at the following summary of its features

  1. Operating system of Xbox

Xbox One operates on very complex software. It comprises of three operating systems namely, Upgraded Xbox version, Window NT Kernel and third one serves a link between the two, all running in collaboration with each other.

complex, 3-OS.


2. Excellent processor

Xbox One is equipped with 8-core AMD processor. It makes it capable enough to handle multiple processes simultaneously.

Faster, processor


3. Massive RAM Capacity

Xbox One is equipped with massive 8 G.B. RAM. which enables you play to games smoothly.



4. Easy to command!

Xbox One is equipped with motion sensors to recognize gesture and voice recognition to let user have a better command over their device.

gesture, sensor


5. High Definition picture quality

Xbox One is equipped with 1080 picture quality allowing user to have experience HD quality video sharing

HD, quality


6. Kinect: Eye sensor

Xbox One comes equipped with Kinect eye sensor that detects whether a user is engaged to gaming console or not.

kinect, console


7. Equipped with IR sensor

Xbox One is equipped with IR sensor that detects user’s location in the room and identifies which controller is in use.

IR sensor, location


8. Biggest change in the controller!

Xbox One‘s controller allows user to give feedback directly to the server. The feedback button is allocated on top of the trigger.

feedback, trigger


9. Xbox One turns into TV

Wondering! Yes it’s true! Xbox One is equipped with both HDMI in and out. Moreover, it’s good at following voice commands too, e.g.:- “play Star sports”.

HDMI, Voice command


10. Supports 4K

One of the exciting features added to Xbox One is that it is equipped with 4K in and out.

4K, support


11. Easy to Boot!

Xbox One is capable of recognizing voice command. A simple voice command of “Xbox On” will boot the console.

easy, boot


12. Xbox One features online gaming experience!

Microsoft’s biggest release ever, Xbox One will allow user to play at multiplayer mode online.

online, multiplayer


13. Skype support!

In order to enhance gaming experience for users, Xbox One comes with an additional feature i.e. Skype support.

Skype, enhance


14. Precision pads!

Xbox One is equipped with Precision direction pads that will allow users to have better control over the game.

precision pads, control


15. Heart-beat monitoring!

Xbox One is equipped with a console that is capable of monitoring one’s heart-beat. So, next time you play keep an eye over your heart beat counts.

heartbeat, count


16. Better insights

Xbox One has another additional feature that allows monitoring the weight distribution to fetch precise details of the user.

weight, monitoring


17. Exciting new games!

Many exciting games have been developed exclusively for Xbox One like Destiny, Quantum break, FIFA and many more.

new, games


18. Looking for buying Xbox One.

Wondering about the price of this smart device! It will cost nearly 299 US$.

smart device, buy


19. Looking for membership!

Xbox One provides a one-year membership plan to enjoy exciting features like apps and game recording, at a nominal cost of 60 $ an year.

membership, nominal cost


20. Non-replaceable hard drive

Xbox One comes with 500 GB of hard drive. There is no provision for replacing the hard drive.

hard drive, non-replaceable


21. Wi-Fi Direct

Xbox One is equipped with better file sharing medium, Wi-Fi Direct. It is added as a substitute to the Bluetooth technology.

Wi-Fi direct, no Bluetooth


Microsoft’s biggest release Xbox One is an all-in-one living room device equipped with latest technology. It will surely bring change in the gaming world and will be a beginning of new revolution in gaming technology.

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