21 Facts We Bet You Did Not Know About Minnesota Vikings

The first uniform outline comprised of white jeans, gold trim, and either purple or white shirts

The Minnesota Vikings

Things to know!

The Minnesota Vikings is an American football group situated in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings joined the National Football League (NFL) as an extension group in 1960, and first took the field in the 1961 season. The group has played in four Super Bowl diversions, however lost every one. The group plays its home amusements at U.S. Bank Stadium in the Downtown East area of Minneapolis. From the group’s presentation in 1961 to 1995, the Vikings’ logos and regalia basically continued as before. Mirroring Minnesota’s Scandinavian social legacy, one of the group’s two essential logos comprises of a profile of a fair Norseman, while alternate comprises of a white Viking horn. The group’s head protector is purple with a Viking horn logo on each side. Each horn is laid out in gold. The horn logo was marginally re-examined in 2006. The first uniform outline comprised of white jeans, gold trim, and either purple or white shirts.

Some of the interesting facts you didn’t know about Minnesota Vikings :

1. Battle melody song!

One of the battle melodies of the Minnesota Vikings is “Skol, Vikings”. It was presented around the time the group was established in 1961.

present, melodies


2. Purple and Gold

In year 2010, the melody “Purple and Gold” was recorded by Prince. Later, it became the new battle tune for the Minnesota Vikings.

battle, tune


3. When is the battle tune played?

It is played at a point when the group scores a touchdown, field goal and toward the end of every half. It is essential for boosting the morale of team players.


4. Rivals!

Because of geographic and social closeness, the Vikings’ preeminent adversary is the Green Bay Packers. A few sources refer to this contention as the greatest general in the NFC North separated from the Packers-Bears competition.

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5. Fans!

Vikings fans are known to spruce up in “Helga caps”, purple caps with white horns and blonde twists, imitating the protective caps prominently accepted to have been worn by Viking warriors.

Helga caps, fan


6. Vikings Horn!

Amid home recreations, the Vikings’ Gjallarhorn is played and sounds frequently after the group has made a major play, gets a first down, or scores a touchdown. The group frequently likewise utilizes the horn amid its pre-amusement services.

horn, loud


7. Coach!

Minnesota Vikings has been performing under the guidance of American coach “Mike Zimmer” since 2014. Under his guidance, this team won 22 matches and lost 14 in 2015.

coach, guidance


8. Radio station

The Vikings’ radio station is KFXN-FM (100.3), which utilizes the marking “KFAN”.It keeps on communicating diversion play-by-play as KTLK.

diversion, radio


9. Mascot

After a few fizzled endeavors at building up an official group claimed mascot, the Vikings at last presented Viktor, the Viking amid the 2007 Vikings’ season.

endeavor, building


10. Debate

Because of agreement debate in 2015, the group lost its mascot Ragnar the Viking and still is without him for the 2016 season. It would be very difficult for the Vikings this time.

agreement, season


11. Nickname

Minnesota’s nickname not only speaks to quality—it’s likewise a gesture to the Nordic custom found in the northern Midwest. Here, the Vikings mascots convey the Minnesota pride to London.

mascot, nickname


12. Hall of Fame

In 1986, unbelievable quarterback Fran Tarkenton got to be the principal Vikings player to be enlisted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

hall of fame, quarterback


13. Super Bowls

Meanwhile, Vikings has competed in four Super Bowls (IV, VIII, IX and XI). But, they’ve yet to win the huge one.

super bowl, win


14. Cheerleaders

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders performed for the first time in 1984. It was one of the best performance from them.

cheerleader, performance


15. Best season!

In year 2012, Adrian Peterson posted the second-best season in NFL history with 2,097 yards. Here, the star RB reviews the field amid one of the works on paving the way to the Vikings amusement against the Steelers in London.

paving, field


16. Purple Eaters

The Defense of Vikings was so great in the late 60’s and mid 70’s that they were alluded to as the Purple Individuals Eaters. It became very popular on the part of defense.

alluded, popular


17. Roommates!

The Steelers Troy Polamalu and Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel shared the same room at USC. Here, the QB warms up before going up against the Steelers.

roommates, USC


18. Athens Assassin

Well known for hitting long field objectives, including a 56-yarder, Vikings kicker Blair Walsh was known as the “Athens Assassin” while at the University of Georgia. Sounds great!

yarder, kicker


19. Matt Asiata

Many of us might be wondering where Vikings player Matt Asiata went in the year 2011! While out of football for the entire 2011, worked in a mechanical supply distribution center in Utah.

work, 2011


20. Chad Greenway

Chad Greenway experienced childhood with a hoard in Mount Vernon, S.D. Later, he played in a 9-man football team in secondary school.

experience, hoard


21. Autographs

Laquon Treadwell stayed up until 2 a.m. taking after his Sugar Bowl triumph, his last university diversion, to give autographs to each of his fan at group lodging.

autographs, fan



So, NFL season is on hike and people all over the globe are cheering for their teams. Minnesota Vikings is one of the best teams that have an unbeatable defense. It is expected to perform great in the Super Bowl 2016.

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