21 Embarrassing Things Only A Girl Deal With Everyday

The girls things that guys will never understand


We call ourselves a developing society and a socially forward society. But we fail to live up to it. We are a mentally forward society just in paper but when it comes to the real life situations, we back off. This is what most of the people in our society do. We have mentality that makes the girls struggle. It is our narrow thinking that makes every girl, lady and woman be embarrassed about various things. There is no such thing with boys and men. We men do things that can embarrass any girl. It is our responsibility to make the world a better place for every person who is in our surroundings.

This is morally unfair for everyone out there. The world is already so cruel to women and we need not add to their problems. Have a look at the everyday struggles that girls face and guys will never understand.

1. Trying to be assertive at work. They have to strike a balance between being assertive and malicious.

#malicious #assertive #work


2. Most lingerie shops have men as their salesmen. You can think of the embarrassment the girls face.

#lingerie #embarrass #men


3. Accidently wrestling white on second day of the period. This is one hell of an embarrassing thing.

#embarrass #hell #white


4. Guys will never understand the feeling of unease and fear the girls face. Walking on roads in the night, most girls fear that.

#unease #girls


5. When they run their hand on your eye while they have worn eyeliner. That face of theirs then. It’s embarrassing.

#eyeliner #eye #hand


6. Everyone expects them to be nice all the time. People don’t understand that I could not be courteous all the time.

#courteous #nice #expect


7. The ponytail keeps on falling out during the gym. This creates a mess.

#ponytail #mess #out


8. The girls are judged by other girls for everything. They are usually less harsh to men than to each other.

#judge #men #harsh


9. Going to an outing for few days and forgetting that you needed a strapless bra. This is very embarrassing.

#bra #strapless


10. Facing sexual harassment everywhere. This is so weird and embarrassing.

#harassment #weird #embarrassing


11. Taking selfie on a bad hair day. This is tad embarrassing.

#selfie #hair #day


12. The problems with makeup. The face sometimes looks like that of a ghost.

#makeup #ghost #face


13. When the tights leave impressions on your stomach. This looks weird.

 #weird #impression #stomach


14. Not possible to go out in sweatpants and no makeup. There is always a *what will the society think?* clause.

#sweatpants #makeup #society


15. When an unexpected hookup happens and the legs haven’t been shaved for a month. Get ready to be judged.

#judge #shave #ready


16. No pockets on the pants and shorts. This is annoying. Very much.

#pants #shorts #annoying


17. Wearing a wrap dress on a windy day. The dress flows everywhere with the wind.

#wind #flow #dress


18. Being seen as a tease when you are not being one. Anything you do with the opposite gender is mistaken.

#mistake #opposite #gender


19. When told that you look tired. Girls be like No I’m wearing dark shade of exhaustion under my eyes.

#exhaust #shade #dark


20. Painting the nails with wrong hand. That often goes wrong and the hands look weird making it look embarrassing.

#nails #have #weird


21. Putting up makeup in public. You get attention from every person out there.

#makeup #public #attention


Being a girl in this society is not easy. The above is a hint of struggles they need to face.