21 Cartoon Characters That People Still Love

Do you still miss your favorite cartoon characters from your childhood?

cartoon characters

Cartoons makes a dream world for kids. Our childhood definitely had a cartoon character we like to be transformed into it in reality one day. Even today many of our room walls have the scars of our yesterday cartoon hero’s poster.

The advent of video was really a trend setter which actually made our cartoon heroes lively. Our heroes are using their powers to communicate with our joysticks. Cartoons like Arial (Cartoon Fish), Gummybears, Chip n Dale were on the list of dailywatch of the children. Now Pokémon lovers achieved their childhood dream. They become Ash – the Pokémon collector. They roaming the city for Pokémon catch and they battling with picka‘chow  electric attacks . I do have an experience in my childhood where I was a dragon ball Z fan (now also) and was trying Goku’s kamayemeya move with my hands pretending I too have those powers like Goku. Many useful stories I have learnt through the cartoons only because seeing them has always influenced more than doing anything else.

1. Scooby doo

The reason for love of dogs for many 90’s kids is due to the Scooby doo . The most hilarious character ever is Shabby and Scooby . Today’s kids might not be a big fan of this but for 90’s kids “  madly love that”.



2. Mickey Mouse

Mickey mouse was one the most popular cartoon for kids. Our oldest grand pa, but it’s a master piece by Disney. Mickey saw a century still kids love this charater . The biggest complement to a cute kid is “My cute Mickey Mouse “.



3. Popeye the sailor man.

Started in 1929, true heart catcher this is. The main reason for my spinach eating habit. Not for me but also for many kids . Olive is a special lady for popeye and bluto. The fight for her is the story plot.



4. Dragon ball Z

The saga of martial arts, this Japanese cartoon is awarded with the best cartoon of this century by the Japanese magazines. One of the all floor hit :  Hollywood movie , TV serial , Play station , games , Tiffin box and what not ? ..



5. Pokémon

Present day mania for youngsters, weird animals with unique power rests in a ball. Kids love the journey of Ash the catcher. Now everyone is Ash instead of Pokémon ball they have android balls.



6. Dexter’s Laboratory

Many of us are great supporter of Dexter because he has got an annoying sister. Every one loves his equipments and get angry when that were destroyed by his sister.



7. Powerpuff girls.

This is an American animated television series based on the professor and his three super power daughters whom they were created by his experiments using chemical X.



8. The adventures of Batman and Robin

This series is about the adventures of Batman along with his cousin Robin. The unique thing about these cousins is they don’t pose any special power than a normal person. They use high tech gadgets and weapon to save gautam city.



9. Justice League :

For those who love super heroes. This show is for them. Heroes league save this earth from alien and other bad people.



10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

One of the successful series in Hollywood. Story of 4 turtle’s poses ninja power. Best comedy animation drama ever.



11. Spider man

Children love this man when he uses his spider web to fight criminals.



12. X-men evolution

X-men series is very famous for its action and mutant powers. This series is targeted mostly to young audience so they reduced the ages of wolverine and others. Story plot is based on the young age mutants.



13. Avatar the last air bender

My personal favorite is based on the story of Indian Classical elements concepts “ Fire , Water , Air ,earth “. Aired between 2005 -2008 .Kids are waiting for the next series from so many years.



14 Dora the explorer

 An American animated series airing from 2000. Very famous among American kids.



15. Tom and Jerry

The epic saga truly from my childhood. I have spend my weekends watching this show. It is the story of endless battle between Cat Tom and Wise mice Jerry. tom-and-jerry


16. The road runner

A loony tune show produced by Warner brothers. One of the oldest show in the air, it airing from 1966. It’s the story of a wolf and speedy bird . Wolf always failed to catch and stop the bird.



17. Adventures of Tintin

Like Mickey, this cartoon is also century old. Tin tin adventures is also all floor hit, Tin Tin adventures made into movies, comic books  and cartoon.



18. Chotta Bheem

A desi cartoon is very famous among new generation kids in India. This is a story of  brave boy who eats laddoo. In this series he is also accompanied by his friends.



19. Roll number 21

New age Krishna leela. Lord took a Krishna avatar in the orphanage of Mathura. The principal character is portrayed as Kamsa – Uncle of Krishna. This is also old animated comic book released in 1967. Presently airing on the cartoon network



20. Superman

The biggest hit in the animation industry.



21.  Mr. Bean

Saving the best for last. Mr. Atkinson  is acting in the title role. Mr. Bean is the story of  a person and his foolish acts.




Hope you have enjoyed this article.