20 Unsolved Mysteries Of Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is a mystery which is yet to be solved

circa 1870: The 100-foot brig Mary Celeste, which set sail from New York in November 1872 with a crew of ten. She was found drifting a month later, with no trace of anyone on board, and the mystery of their disappearance has never been solved. A wood engraving by Rudolph Ruzicaka. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)



There are many unsolved mysteries in life, science, technology and research. However, we have come a long way in all of these fields but if there is real mystery that is yet to be solved, it is the mystery of Bermuda Triangle. The instruments go haywire and numerous ships have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle. There have been many explanations but no one would be able to explain this strange phenomenon. It is also known as the ‘Devil’s Triangle’ in the modern age. It is a triangular shaped area in the North Atlantic Ocean, from Bermuda Island to Miami, USA and Puerto Rico. Hundreds and thousands of ships, planes and people have disappeared in the ‘Devil’s Triangle’, never to be found. The reports about things and people getting disappeared are coming for more than a century and still continuing.

Have a look at 25 mysteries of Bermuda Triangle.

  1. Bomber squadron disappears, so do rescuers, 1945

This was not the first disappearance but it is said to have sparked ‘The Legend of Bermuda Triangle’.Bomber squadron disappears, so do rescuers, 1945


  1. DC3, 1948

On Dec. 28, 1948, a plane took off from Miami with 29 passengers and 2 crew members. The plane was never seen again.
DC3, 1948


  1. Flight 19, 1945

Flight-19 was the code name for Five Avenger bomber planes that took off from the Naval base at Florida on December 5, 1945, never to be seen again.
Flight 19, 1945


  1. Time Turner

A pilot said, Bermuda Triangle can be a time turner. He claims to have lost 28 minutes in the triangle, only to emerge from Miami Beach again.

Time Turner


  1. US battleship, 1918

The USS battleship was a collier which was operated between the East Coast and the Caribbean. On Feb 16, 1918, the battleship disappeared with 306 on board.

US battleship, 1918


  1. Sulphur Queen, 1963

It was made to carry oil first but was later used to carry slight instead. The ship disappeared without warning signals or SOS. After 2 weeks a life vest, pieces of raft, and a broken oar were washed on the shore.

Sulphur Queen, 1963


  1. PBM Martin Mariner, 1945

It was the same night of December 5, 1945 when all 5 planes of Flight-19 went missing. An order came from US Navy to find those planes. The two planes disappeared yet again. And then a Martin Mariner disappeared as well.

PBM Martin Mariner, 1945


  1. Panamanian Ship, 1976

The ship went missing in 1976. Coast guards are still looking for it.

Panamanian Ship, 1976


  1. USS Cyclops, 1918

This is the largest human loss in te hBermuda Triangle. This is still a mystery about how the ship with its 309 crew members went missing.

USS Cyclops, 1918


  1. Star Tiger Passenger Plane, 1948

In Jan,1948 the plane from England to Bermuda got lost in the triangle. In an investigation, it was discovered that a plane was seen flying lowly.

Star Tiger Passenger Plane, 1948


  1. Crystal Pyramid

It was verified in 1960 by a team consisting members of US and France. As per some engineers’ contentions, these pyramids were made as massive power sources.

Crystal Pyramid


  1. Flight 441, 1950

On October 30, 1954, the flight 441 took off from the River of Patuxent Naval Air Station for Lajes in Azores. Like other Bermuda Triangle instances, Flight 441 came to a tragic end.

Flight 441, 1950


  1. Ellen Austin, 1881

The Ellen Austin was a large American ship that frequently travelled between New York and London. It came across 2 ships but it could not be protected both the times.

Ellen Austin, 1881


  1. C-54 Skymaster, 1947

The plane took off on July 3, 1947 from Bermuda and was met with thunderstorm. No trace of it was found.

C-54 Skymaster, 1947


  1. Mary Celeste, 1872

It is also known as the ghost ship. She had everything including experienced crew members, food etc. but it is still a mystery about how the ship got lost.

Mary Celeste, 1872


  1. Carroll A. Deering, 1921

The ship made in 1919 was found abandoned on January 21, 1921. There are claims that Deering was a victim of piracy.

Carroll A. Deering, 1921


  1. KC-135 Stratotankers, 1963

A pair of US Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft collided and crashed into the Atlantic on August 28, 1948. The triangle version suggests that they however crashed in 2 different sites.

KC-135 Stratotankers, 1963


  1. Connemara IV, 1955

There is a theory saying that the yacht survived because it was on water during the 3 hurricanes but the crew vanished.

Connemara IV, 1955


  1. Witchcraft, 1967

After the operator fired the emergency alarm, the rescue crew arrived in the 20 minutes but the ship was nowhere to be found.

Witchcraft, 1967


  1. Trislander, 2008

This is among the most recent disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle. A massive search operation was launched by US but the aircraft was never seen again.

Trislander, 2008


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Bermuda Triangle has been a mystery for the mankind. It is yet to be solved. There have been many theories but none of them is proved yet.