20 Trump Blunders Which Was Opposing Him To Become President

Let’s have a look on blunders which is opposing him to become President!

Trump’s flop show!

Besides business, Trump tried his fortune in politics, literature and even TV shows. He’s the nominee of Republican Party for the U.S. presidency elections 2016 and among the top 500 billionaires of the world. Trump’s advent into business is because of the reason that he was born in a business family. Since his early college days, Trump started to learn the tactics of business from his father who owned a construction firm. Trump after completing his graduation in economics and soon joined his father’s business. Later, he was given the senior most position of chairman and the organization was renamed to “The Trump Organization” in year 1971. Thereafter, Trump built many hotels, casinos, skyscrapers, golf courses across South and North America, Europe and Asia under his brand name “Trump”. Although Trump has been made his steps profound in politics, but still he has not been very effective in making his candidature in presidential elections!

Let’s have a look on blunders which is opposing him to become President.

1. Awkward statements

It has been noticed several times that Trump is very straight-forward. Sometimes, he makes awkward statements that seem to be very embarrassing.

awkward, notice


2.Sounds Rude

Trump made a statement that Hilary lacks stamina inspite of accepting the fact that she’s not new in politics! It seems rude!

rude, talk


3.Track Muslims!

Trump believes that Muslim community is responsible for the terrorist attacks in US. He claims to create a database for tracking Muslims if he becomes president.

against, Muslims



Trump claimed that he saw Muslims throwing a party celebrating dreadful 9/11 attacks. His statement provoked the Muslim community.

celebrate, claim


5.Questioned over Obama’s birthplace!

Trump questioned over the US President, Barack Obama’s birthplace. He claimed that he’s not an American, which proved to be wrong later.

question, Obama


6.Awkward statement!

One of the statements that Trump made is that “women should be punished as per laws for getting abortions”. This made the crowd violent.

violent, punish


7.Unfair means!

Another blunder that Trump made is that he asked his supporters to carry off those who protest against him at rallies. Thus, he used unfair means to fetch more votes.

protest, carry-off


8.Big fat pig!

Trump once again proved that how rude he sounds! In an assembly he said that Rosie O’Donnell is just like a big fat pig.

rude, pig


9.American public hates Trump!

In a recent polls, it was concluded that about 34 person said a no to Trump out of 50 people! Trump is hated because of his guts!

guts, hate


10.Trump versus Hillary!

In a poll, Hillary made almost 20 wins over Trump with 1 tie and 4 losses. It states that how strong Hillary is in addressing people.

wins, strong


11.Dependency on media!

Rather interacting with citizens of America in public meetings Trump is spending huge amount on media for promotions! He fails to understand that money can’t buy everything.

promotion, media



Trump made gaffes to make his candidature strong! But, such steps makes things worst!

gaffes, strong


13.Questioned George W. Bush presidency!

Another awkward statement that Trump made is that George W. Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks much before!

Bush, attacks


14.Revenge seeker!

Trump is very straight-forward man who always seeks to take revenge from his enemies. People cannot appoint a person with such thoughts as a president!

revenge, enemies


15.A man without values!

Trump does not bother about the way a man should talk to a women. In a recent assembly he addressed Hillary as weak women!

rude, informal


16.Wealth that made him Trump!

Few people are aware about the story behind Trump success in business! It was his father behind the bringing up of the brand Trump. Donald Trump just entered into this well established business.

wealth, business



This man still believes in racism i.e. one race being superior to others! He made a pointless statement that “Let’s make America white again”.

racism, pointless


18.A man who lacks moral!

This man left thousands of people homeless by taking their land for golf courses, casino, hotels and pubs! One would not like to have such a man to be a President.

homeless, moral


19.Corruptions case!

As per a book written about the Trump’s business success, it has been mentioned that there were many corruption cases filed against Trump!

corruption, business


20.Can he make America strong?

This question might be in your mind! Trump himself is getting most of his business products manufactured in China and Mexico!

Mexico, China


Besides being a great business, Trump is not a good candidate for the superficial post of US, American President. He made a lot of blunders that is opposing him to be a right choice for President.

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