20 Things To Do Before Going For A Vacation

Prepare before you go to refresh

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The world has become a busy place. We don’t get a chance to enjoy as we are stuck in our daily chores and those nine to five jobs. Everything seems to be monotonous. But you need break the monotony. Living with no fun is no living. There are other things for vacation preparation  other than just doing stuff like booking hotels and flights, looking for best vacation deals, tours packages, last minute vacation deals, family friendly vacation options etc. There is much more to a vacation. Preparing for it is easy but not that easy as it appears. It doesn’t take long to pack for a trip but the kinks of the path ahead is what is to be cared for. You will be bothered the most by this. The hunger in you, however, takes you to places. It us hard to plan a trip but it gets easier and the difficulty level of a trip and your hunger are inversely related. As the hunger increases, difficulty level decreases and vice a versa.

This is what you need to do for a carefree vacation and homecoming.

1. Make sure you’ve turned in all of your final assignments. If you don’t complete those, you will be worried and will not be able to enjoy.

#assignment #worry #enjoy


2. Buy a great camera. You should be clicking too many pics.

#camera #pics #click


3. Double check and make sure that you have all of the proper vaccinations. Also renew all the essential prescriptions.

#prescription #renew #check


4. Make a to-do list. It sounds tad boring but you will be happy for it.

Basic #sound #to-do #boring


5. Start to eat all the perishable goods in the kitchen. Don’t leave them and let them to be spoiled.

#spoil #perishable


6. If going for international trip, check your passport. Also apply for the required visas within time.

#time #visas #passport


7. Purchase trip insurance. This will be very helpful. #purchase #trip #help



8. Talk to your employer. If you are a student doing an internship and want to continue later, contact the employer.

#employer #continue #internship


9. Put your phone on airplane mode. Enjoy. Don’t be disturb.

#disturb #phone #airplane


10. Leave a copy of passport with any relative. You can keep it at home as well.

#well #relative #passport


11. Don’t forget the first aid kit. It will help too much.

 #forget #first #aid


12. Sync the photos and delete it from your phone. Clear some space.

#space #delete #phone


13. Check for travel warnings/advisories when register your trip. This will be very helpful.

#help #travel #warning


14. Prepare your finances. Save your precious money.

#finance #money


15. Obtain an international driving license. Remember ZNMD? Such road trips are great.

#ZNMD #road #trips


16. Learn key phrases in the local language. Learning local language helps.

#local #language #key


17. Buy snacks. Don’t travel without bars, nuts and spicy food.

#spice #bars #spice


18. Plot places you want to visit. Carry the hard copy of the map with you.

#hard #map #places


19. Determine your communication strategy. The main thing is whom to contact while in trouble or need of help.

 #help #contact #trouble


20. Arrange for pets to be be taken care of. They need some care as well.

#pets #care #arrange


Go for the vacation. Go alone, in group or with your beloved. Just get going.