20 Places To Visit On Earth Before You Die

Must see following places to live your life before you die

My wish……before I die I want to do something truly great, some glorious achievement that solely belongs to me. I don’t want to pass my life just as normal human being do. While I am on earth that means I am here for the special reason. When I will leave this world, I want to know that my life has not been in vain.

Before I die I want to visit the most beautiful places that exist on earth most of us not even heard of them.

1. Floating village in Halong Bay near Cat ba Island, Vietnam.

Cat Ba is located in About 10 km South East of Hai Phong City. It consists near 366 islands and it has been recognized as the World biosphere reserve

Floating village in Halong Bay


2. Bac son valley, Vietnam

Bac Son Valley is located in the Heart of the rural district of Bac Son. It is about 250 km south of Hanoi, the Capital of Vietnam. It is the ideal place for agriculture.

Bac son valley


3. Blue Moon Valley, China

It is also known as Shika Snow Mountain. It is located in the south western of Shangri-La(Zhongdian), about 7 km away from Shangri-La county with about 15 minute driving

Blue Moon Valley


4. Bright Colors, Burano, Italy

Burano is Small Island with narrow water canals. The most attractive things of this village was its bright colored buildings and narrow canals. The island of Burano was mostly likely settled during Roman times.

Bright Colors, Burano


5. La Grotta Cove, Corfu Island, Greece

Corfu is a city and a former municipality on the island of Corfu, lonian Islands, Greece. The city is a major tourist attraction and has played an important role since the 8th century

La Grotta Cove, Corfu Island


6. Lake Louise, Canada

Lake Louise is a small settlement in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies. It is specially known for its turquoise, glacier-fed lake  with high peaks.

Lake Louise,


7. Mount San Michel, France

The island is located in Normandy, France. Mont Saint-Michel has been the subject of Traditional and also belongs to the Organization of World Heritage cities.

Mount San Michel, France


8. Rail Sunset, Romania

Romania is in southeast Europe and slightly smaller than Oregon. Romania is well known for its Rail sunset. This Rail sunset gives very beautiful view.

Rail Sunset, Romania


9. Russian Hill in North Beach District, San Francisco

Russian Hill is located near San Franciso, Calofornia, in the United States. Russian hill is between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets. Russian hill was famous for beautiful landscaping and arresting views.

Russian Hill in North Beach District, San Francisco


10. Schlegeisspeicher, Austria

Austria is renowned for its astounding roads with mountainous and beautiful views. Schlegeisspeicher is one of the most visited locations on the way to Austria Tourism. It has amazing lake side view and impressive dam with a height of 131m.

Schlegeisspeicher, Austria


11. Sentosa, Singapore

Sentosa is a popular island resort in Singapore. It is visited by almost twenty million people a year. It is the fourth largest island of Singapore’s

Sentosa, Singapore


12. Water Falls in Australia

Victorian waterfall is located on gravel roads of Australia and was not easily access. Victoria is the smallest state on the mainland outside the Australia.

Water Falls in Australia


13. Blood Lake, Texas, USA

Some religious believe it’s the second coming of Christ, but its not like that. The horrifying red color is caused by bacteria called Chromatiaceae. O.C Fisher Reservoir is an artificial lake located west of the city of San Angelo,Texas, USA.

Blood Lake, Texas, USA


14. Glacier national park, Montana

It is one of the National parks located in the U.S state of Montana, on the Canada-United States border. The Park contains two mountain ranges, 130 named lakes, more than 1000 different species of plants and animals.



15. Nishinomaru Garden in  Japan

The Osaka Castle is situated on a plot of about one square kilometer. The garden is surrounded by greenery and contains around 600 cherry trees that bloom gloriously in spring

Nishinomaru Garden in Japan


16. Bora Bora

Bora Bora island is in the western part of French Polynesia, an oversea of France in Pacific Ocean.  It is one of the major international tourist destination and famous for luxury resorts.

Bora Bora


17. Carrera Lake (Lake Buenos Aires), Santa Cruz, Argentina

The lake is located in Patagonia and shared by Argentina. The lake drains to the Pacific Ocean on the west through the Baker River.

Carrera Lake (Lake Buenos Aires), Santa Cruz


18. Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia

The bridge is 140 meter long and 70 meter above the river. The bridge crossing the Capilano River in the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver


19. Restaurant near Sanyou Cave above the Chang Jiang river, Hubei , China

The restaurant is located in China. It is about 12km north of the city of Yichang near Sanyou Cave. The restaurant has warm lighting on the ceiling and sitting high in the air from where the flowing water can be seen.

Restaurant near Sanyou Cave above the Chang Jiang river, Hubei , China


20. Mount Roraima – Venezuela

It is the highest of the Pakaraima chain of tepui plateaus in South America. Mount Roraima lies on the Guiana shield in the south eastern corner of Venezuela.

Mount Roraima – Venezuela


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