20 Famous Paintings That Captured Everybody’s Imagination

Below are some of the famous paintings that captured everybody’s imagination! Let’s have a look at them

Art is one of the best ways to impart thoughts, expression and views. It makes this world a beautiful place to live. In our daily life we come across with a number of art work like beautiful paintings, sculptures, statues, monuments, buildings, pottery and many more! Also art is known by different names such as contemporary art, painting, drawing, artwork, abstract painting, oil painting, modern art, watercolor painting, portrait paintings and many more names to mention them.

One cannot imagine this world without art, paintings, colours and monuments; it would be dull place to live on without art. One might be familiar with the English Idiom “A picture speaks thousand words” this idiom fits best with paintings. Painting is basically an art of using colours to make sensible portraits. One of the best things about paintings is that it is the best way to impart information, knowledge, emotion and expressions. Painting is the simplest way to say a thousand words without even speaking. There are many painters who are recognized because of their proficiency in arts.

Below are some of the famous paintings that captured everybody’s imagination! Let’s have a look at them

1.City life!

This painting is an amazing art work of French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. This painting depicts how people are getting busy with their lives.

city, busy


2.Napoleon’s attack!

This amazing painting was made by Spanish artist, Francisco Goya. This painting depicts the historic event in which Napoleon attacked Spaniards.

napoleon, attack


3.Real versus virtual

This painting was made by renowned Norwegians artist, Edvard Munch under the title “Scream”. It depicts that how reality is getting suppressed!

scream, suppress


4.Floral art!

One of the paintings known for its beauty is this one! It is an amazing floral art work of French artist, Claude Monet.

blue lily, art


5.Loss of humanity

This beautiful painting made by Dutch artist, Pieter Bruegel depicts how people are becoming self-centered! Have a look!

artist, self-centered


6.Last Supper that Jesus had!

This painting depicts the last supper that Jesus had with his followers. Have a look!

supper, Jesus


7.Spanish Civil War

This amazing art work from Picasso depicts a scene from Spanish civil war! It was crafted in black and white colour.

Spanish, war


8.Dutch Monalisa

This painting is a work of Dutch artist, Johannes Vermeer! It shows a girl with weird expressions.

Dutch, weird


9.Night out!

Another amazing art work of Rembrandt is this one! It depicts a scene in which entire city is lead by a captain.

night-out, captain


10.School of Athens

Have a look at this one! Here Aristotle and Plato are found accompanying each other at the School of Athens.

school, Athens


11.Weird expression

This painting is one of the famous art-work of Leonardo da

Vinci. It shows weird expression of Monalisa that is difficult to understand.

weird, Monalisa


12.Classical fashion!

This amazing art-work shows a neoclassical fashion! It shows a lady Juliette sitting over a sofa!

sofa, beautiful



This amazing artwork of American artist, Jackson Pollock depicts the disorder. It is one of the most expensive paintings ever sold.

chaos, disorder


14.A man with apple!

This painting was made by Rene Magrittees. It shows a man in black suit with an apple eclipsing his face.

apple, eclipse



One of the best examples of craftsmanship is this one! It is a handmade canvas painted with royal red and blue colours by Mark Rothko.

handmade, mark


16.Cluster of Points

This painting depicts a lazy Sunday evening made by Georges Suerat. One of the best things about this painting is that it is made with large number of points.

cluster, points



This painting is an amazing art-work of Grant woods! In this painting he has shown an American couple standing together strong and firm.

grim, strong


18.Earn a living!

This painting depicts how a man strives very hard to earn a living for his family by selling flowers! This is an amazing art-work of a Mexican artist

art, flower


19.Grey shade!

This painting is made by renowned American artist James McNeill Whistler! It shows a woman sitting over a chair along a grey painted wall!

American, mother


20.Pablo’s first love!

This painting is made by Pablo Picasso! It is believed that the woman shown in the painting is the one whom Pablo loved a lot!

Pablo Picasso, love


Paintings are one the best things that add beauty to this world. It is the finest art that lets exchange of information, thoughts and views with actually speaking to it.

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