20 Facts To Know About NFL Season 2016

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NFL 2016

The 97thseason of National Football League has started from 8th September 2016 with four seasons: Regular season, Play-off season, Super Bowls L1 and Pro Bowl. This year 256 games will be played in the Regular season with 32 participating teams. According to the rules for the 2016 season, each team is allowed to play with other three teams twice in their own division.

Below are the amazing facts to know about the most awaited National Football League 2016 that began from 8th September 2016 and will be concluded next year in January 2017 at Camping World Stadium, Florida.

20 NFL facts to know!

1. Super bowl rematch this season!

As per the agreement between NFL and rival league, Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers will be competing against each other.

super-bowl, rival league, NFL, agreement


2. Big question!

One main thing that iscontinually troubling NFL fans is “who will be Broncos’ quarterback of this season?”

dilemma, Broncos, quarterback


3. Steelers alone in the battle

This time Steelers will be playing without his co-partner Bryant who was suspended.

alone, battle, Bryant, suspended


4. What does Turkey Day slate says?

As per Turkey day slate,Steelers will be playing at Colts, Redskins at Cowboys and Vikings at Lions

Turkey day, colts, cowboys


5. Biggest Christmas Eve this time!

This Christmas, 12 exciting games will be played for the NFL League 2016.

Christmas, games


6. Countdown begins for Football at Los Angles!

This season will bring Football back to Los Angles within 2 weeks.

Countdown, Los Angels


7. Griffin III quarterbacks again!

Robert Griffin III will have to quarterback for Browns for 4 weeks to win the game.

Griffin, quarterback, big win


8. Week 7: Biggest excitement!

This season, Texans will be playing Broncos at Denver in week 7

Texans, Broncos, Denver


9. Conspiracy over DrewBrees!

Brees will make his first comeback to San Diego after 2005.

Conspiracy, comeback


10. Game changer for Steelers.

This is the first time when Burfict will not be playing against Steelers.

Burfict, Steelers


11. Titans along with Browns got bye weeks

Titans and Browns were declared amongst the two worst football teams in 13th week of regular season.

Titans, Browns


12. Thanksgiving Games

This season three games will be played in total 12 days

3-games, season


13. New stadium at U.S.

For the first time, Vikings will be playing in U.S. at Bank Stadium, in the second week of regular season.

Vikings, Stadium


14. Will the new coach Adam Gase brings big win for the dolphins?

Miami Dolphins will be playing under the guidance of their new coach, Adam Gase.

New coach, Adam Gase


15. Seahawks competes against Dolphins!

It was a tough start for the Dolphins as Seahawks equalized the score by 1-1.

Seahawks, Dolphins


16. Easy start for Packers!

Packers are performing well which was followed by Giants, Bears and the Bengals

packers, Giants, Bears, Bengals


17. Seahawks-Patriots game back!

The game between Seahawks-Patriotswas suspended in 2014, is likely to be included in 10th week of the Super Bowl season.

Seahawks-Patriots games, removed, linger


18. NFL enters Mexico!

This is for the first time when some of the NFL events will be played outside the U.S.

Mexico, first time


19. Four teams to play in the Road games.

Unlike previous year, this time 4 teams will be playing back-to-back in the Road games.

road games, 4-teams


20. Three games to head back UK

This season, three games will be played at London

London, three-games


NFL 2016 for the first time enters Mexico. You will see many changes made in the league which is going to complete in the coming January, Florida

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