20 Facts About Indian Super League

Below are some amazing facts that one should know about ISL. Let’s have a look!

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One of the best Initiatives to promote one of best outdoor game, Football in India is the Indian Super League. Indian Sports Union believes that this initiative will be fruitful in making this game popular in India. The Indian Super League was established in 2013 with an end goal to make football a top game in India and to build the level of Indian football worldwide. It is a men’s expert football association in India. The association as of now comprises of eight groups from around the India, with four of the main five urban communities by populace spoke to in the alliance. The association is authoritatively named the Hero Indian Super League for sponsorship reasons. The alliance keeps running from October to early December, with a finals arrangement deciding the champion in mid-December. One should know about the ISL!

Below are some amazing facts that one should know about ISL. Let’s have a look!

1.Who will be broadcasting ISL?

One might be wondering who will be broadcasting the ISL series! It is the Star network that has taken over the responsibility of broadcasting all the matches of ISL at its premier sports channel, Star Sports.

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2.Title Sponsorship!

One of the automobile tech giant, Hero Motocorp has recently signed a three year- MOU with the ISL for the title sponsorship. Thereby, it is now named as Hero Indian Super League.

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3.Management Groups

In order to bring out this super league, International Management Group (IMG) and Reliance Group have signed a deal worth 7 Billion INR with the All India Football Federation (AIFF)  and Star Sports.

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There will be eight teams that will be playing in this Super League. The teams are Northeast United FC, Kerala Blasters, FC Pune City, Atletico De Kolkata, Team Chennai, Team Goa, Team Mumbai and Delhi Dynamos FC.

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5.Team format!

Since this game is of western origin so teams will be as per following format. There will be 7 foreign players, 14 domestic players, 1 foreign marquee player and 4 local players.

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6.Franchise system inspired from IPL

Not at all like the overall famous arrangement of ‘advancement and assignment’ framework! ISL takes after the establishment framework much the same as IPL.



Prior to the development of the franchisee the bidders were given a tender form to fill in the entries which was to be investigated by the administrations organization Ernst and Young.

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8.Celebrities who will make it big!

Indian celebrities have come-up to make this league a big hit. These are Sachin Tendulkar, Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan and Saurav Ganguly.

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Besides Sportspersons and Bollywood actors many companies have come up to invest in this Super League. Some of the prominent companies are Videocon, Wadhwan Group (Pune), Dempo Salgacor (Goa) and DEN Networks (Delhi).

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10.Big Bid for Kolkata!

While most of the franchisee were sold for 12 crores INR to their franchises, “Atletico De Kolkata” was sold was for massive 18 crores INR. Sounds great!

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11.Bringing up of Football in India

Prominent efforts are made to bring this game great popularity in India. Sportsperson like Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly along with Bollywood stars are trying their best to make it a big hit in India.

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12.International Players!

This time many international players are participating in the ISL to make it a big hit. Some of the prominent players are Luis Garcia, Alessandro Del Piero, Joan Capdevilla, David James and many more.

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13.ISL versus IPL

No doubt Cricket is still the first love among Indians. But, people are steadily moving to ISL to try out the new format. It will thus take time to make the game popular in India.



14.Social Media!

ISL is gradually gaining popularity among Indians. For instance, there are over 80K likes over Facebook for the game and still counting!

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Amazing results were drawn out of polling over the game! About 38% people gave it a positive response, 61% opted neutral and just 1% gave it a negative response. This figure is not bad for the new format.

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16.Twitter: The first choice!

One might be wondering where to find live updates about the League? Twitter is found to be ranked 1 in terms of ISL updates followed by Facebook.

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ISL may seem lucrative for the players. While, Subrata Pal from Mumbai City FC, Syed Rahim Nabi from Mumbai City FC, Gouramangi Singh from Chennaiyin are assigned for massive 8 Lacs a week other players are assigned for 7 Lacs a week.

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18.Cash Prize!

Eight teams will be competing for a massive cash prize of 15 crores. Sounds great!

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19.Fans all over the globe!

Besides India, this game is gaining popularity all over the globe. ISL is being watched in European countries too!

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20.Big game on!

Celebrating the success of first season, All India Football Federation (AIFF) is all set to take forward with this game to gain popularity in India. As per sources this initiative will be very fruitful for bringing up of the football game!

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Thus, Indian Super League (ISL) is a great initiative to bring up the game of football among Indians. Celebrities along with sportsperson are actively participating in this game and very soon it will be a big hit in India.

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