20 Exotic Wedding Destinations That Are On The List Of Soon To Be Couple

The season to get hitched is back. And we are here with some exciting places....


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This season is the most loved season by all the couples. They finally get hitched with the people they love, the fulfilling their heartfelt desire. This is obviously the happiest time in their life.

Everyone has fantasied about marrying the person they love. There was a time when the issues of marriage arrangement were limited to guest list, catering menu, and the dress. The list has now extended to various other things, the most prominent one being the destination of the wedding. The venue is the hardest thing to choose. The trend of destination wedding caught up very soon and is very famous nowadays. You can choose snowy mountains, beautiful architecture, sandy beaches, historical cities, cultural sites and what not.

In case you are wondering about the most exotic wedding locations, below are some hand-picked destinations for you. Each one is different from other in one way or the other.

1. Udaipur

The city of lakes would make your wedding day the best. It is known for traditional Indian weddings.

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2. Costa Rica

Are you a nature lover who loves hiking? If yes, this is the place for you.

#nature #hiking #CostaRica


3. Hawaii

It is famous for destination weddings. The lush mountains and pristine beaches are to look for.

#mountain #beach #Hawaii


4. Bar Harbor, Maine

This place in US is a perfect fit for the ones who love nature and its amazing views. Its waterfront is breathtaking.

#water #view #Maine


5. Jaipur

This place gives you the ultimate feeling of royalty. The pink city offers a great heritage of beauty.

#royalty #heritage #Jaipur


6. Greece

The entire Europe is utterly beautiful. For wedding the perfect duration would be the May to October season.

 #Europe #beautiful #Greece


7. Jamaica

It provides an option to be married either on the white sand beach or the mountains. You just have to get a $50 marriage license.

#mountains #beach #Jamaica


8. San Francisco, California

If you are looking for an urban setting that offers more in terms of scenery. San Francisco is the place for you to be.

#urban #scenery #SanFrancisco


9. Kerala

Kerala is the place where you can tie the knot in serenity. You can have perfect romantic wedding on its beach.

#beach #romance #Kerala


10. Bahamas

It is an English speaking destination. It consists of 2,000 islands in itself. Choose any one.

#island #English #Bahamas


11. South Africa

A great place for couples who love adventures. There are many beautiful spots to get married.

#adventure #beautiful #SouthAfrica


12. Park City, Utah, US

US is a beautiful place indeed. Park city offers European sophistication making it more wonderful.

#Europe #US #ParkCity


13. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

If you want romantic beginning in your life, Andaman and Nicobar is the place to be. The climate is both pleasing and soothing.

#climate #beginning #pleasing #AndamanNicobar


14. Dominican Republic

It is a conglomeration of both Jamaican and Atlantic facing beaches. It is not as popular as others, Dominican Republic deserves the due credit.

#credit #beach #DominicanRepublic


15. Seychelles Islands

They are a great place for destination weddings. Hilltops are good options for couples.

#hilltops #couple #SeychellesIslands


16. Bermuda

Pink sands and clear water puts Bermuda on the list. There are many activities for guests and couple to participate in.

#guest #activities #Bermuda


17. Antigua

This Caribbean island has 365 beautiful beaches to get hitched. Many of world’s swankiest resorts are here.

#beach #swanky #Antigua


18. Shimla

It is a perfect ambience to explore your perfect life.

 #hills #tempt #Shimla


19. Mexico

Mexico has friendship with the US and has a similar setting. People there speak English but it is as Spanish as it get.

#Spanish #English #Mexico


20. Paris, France

Paris is the house of Eiffel tower. This place is considered to be among the most romantic places  in the world.

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You should go to these places to tie the knot. You won’t forget that day.