19 Unknown Facts Of Islam

This article emphasizes over the unknown facts of Islam that will surely give you better insight into Islam

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Islam is one of the major religions that is preached all over the globe and started by prophet Mohammad . Though Islam may appear as a religion meant only for the Muslim community but, it commutes the same message of “one god” to all human beings. In-fact the word Islam means “peace”, “submission” and “surrender”. It conveys a beautiful message of “brotherhood” and “love”. Ironically, majority of population is unaware of its actual meaning that it conveys to the world. But, many philosophers and socialists are still making measurable efforts to covey its right meaning and help people to accept the fact that God may be called Jesus in Christianity, Dieu by French, Dios by Hispanic, Allah by Muslims and Bhagvan by Hindu, they all points to the same God who is unique in itself with many names.

This article emphasizes over some of the unknown facts of Islam that will surely give you better insight  into it.

Islam: an overview over its facts

1. True meaning of Islam

Islam is derived from the word “Salam” which means “overlooking of one’s will in context to God’s will that ensure peace in this world”.

peace, salam


2. So, who are the Muslims?

The meaning of ” Muslium” word is to surrender one’s will to Allah’s will.

Thus everything that overlook their own desires for accomplishing God’s will is a Muslim

surrender, will


3. What are Five-pillars of Islam?

The practice of Islam involves practicing the five pillars; namely, Faith in One God, regular prayers five times a day, help the poor, visit to holy place Mecca once a year, Fast in daylight hours in the auspicious month of Ramadan.

: Ramadan, pillars


4. Islam: A guide for entire life

Islam is world’s fastest growing religion that serves as a guide in all aspects of life – social, moral, economic and many other.

major, guide


5. Islam accepts everyone

It is well accepted fact that Islam is growing and is being practiced all over the world. A person of any race or religion is free to join Islam by speaking a simple statement.

growing, join


6. Who is Allah?

The word “Allah” is derived from Arab. It means “God”.

Derived, Arab


7. What does God mean in Islam?

According to Muslims, God is unbiased judge of all affairs. He is compassionate and full of love.

unbiased, judge


8. Omniscient creator of human race!

Muslims believe in preaching the Omniscient creator of life, “Allah” instead of Muhammad.

omniscient, Allah


9. Origin of Quran

As per Muslim’s belief; it was God who wrote Quran and not any Muhammad

God, Muhammad


10. Perseverance of true meaning of Quran

Quran was written in Arabic by God and none of its content is altered since its revelation.

Arabic, revelation


11. Guardians of Quran

As per Muslims, if all Qurans were demolished. The original one written in Arabic would survive.

Quran, survive


12. No Compulsion in Islam

Since the advent of Islam, it has always safeguarded the rights of each and every individual. It never compels anyone to preach Islam.

advent, safeguard


13. Terrorism mixed with Islam

Islam is always associated with spread of peace, love and brotherhood. But, evil practice of terrorists is ruining its true meaning.

peace, love


14. True meaning of Jihad

One of the most common words used in Islam is “Jihad”, it convey a beautiful message of “struggle to overlook one’s will for the sake of  god’s will”

Jihad, will


15. Equal status to women

Islam is sometimes mislead as male-dominated religion. It is not true at all, Islam focuses on ensuring that women get equal status in the society as men do.

equal, status


16. Hijab: A head covering

Many religions like Islam, Christanity etc believes that head should be covered while preaching god to show their respect.

preach, god


17. Evil practices forbidden in Islam

Islam is strictly against evil practices like forced marriage, honor killing and confinement of women in their homes.

against, evil


18. Islam: Universal religion

Islam is a universal religion that comprises of followers from thousands of race from every corner of the world.

Universal, follower


19. Hajj: Annual Pilgrimage

One of the biggest Islamic practices can be seen every year at Kabba where around 3 million Muslims gather to practice their religion.

Hajj, Kabba


Islam coveys a beautiful message of love, brotherhood and peace. Thus it must not be mixed with evil practices of terrorism. It must be preached in right way and make this world a peaceful place to live

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