19 Must Know Rules To Follow Before You Date A Beautiful Girl




A girl can be your best dream or worst nightmare. This all depends on you. She can be the best you ever had or the worst you will ever have. Again, it’s all upto you.

Some girls claim that they are crazy in the head and some seriously are (No pun intended). Anyway, the fair sex is kind and understanding. The girls do understand your problems. She even knows how to treat you like a king. All you need to do is treat her like a queen. It is like tit for tat. If you want her to understand you and love you, you need to do the same. Dating is great but is not everyone’s cup of tea.

So some of the dating rules men must know before dating a girl.  If you don’t, let me tell them to you.


1. The first and the most important rule. Never scream at her.

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2. Don’t try to fix ‘her’ problems. She only wants to be heard.

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3. It takes only fifteen minutes to know if you and your date have a chemistry. This is what the study says.

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4. Be your true self. Don’t be two different personalities online and offline.

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5. Don’t ever lie to her. Women hate men who pretend.

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6. Mean comments are a display of affection. Never take them to heart.

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7. Don’t be hesitant to set boundaries. You need to draw a list of what you don’t want from your life.

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8. Do never cheat on her. If you do, she will never forget what you did to her and the outcome can be worse.

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9. Honesty was and still is the best policy. Tell her if you are not interested.

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10. Behave like a gentleman. Behave with her like you would want a man to behave with your sister.

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11. She would remember every detail. Also, she won’t forget how you made her happy or sad.

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12. Don’t blame anything on your date. Try working through the problem with her.

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13. Read her lips. The words are not what tell her state of mind.

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14. Spend time with your friends when while daring. Friends are the best help and your pillars of strength.

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15. Ask her out first. Women want men to make the first move.

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16. You can make fun of her. But don’t bite her back.

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17. Be open to who she is. Don’t judge her on basis of appearance.

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18. Don’t take relationship for granted. Act as if the relation is still new.

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19. If it’s time to move on, move on. Be bold enough to say it for the good of both of you.

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Relationships are very fragile. You need to beware and respect the girl. You, most importantly, need to find the right one.

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