18 Unknown Facts About India’s Surgical Strike on Pakistan

All you need to know about the overnight strikes that happened


 Pakistan was rocked by the overnight surgical strikes that took place on the Line of Control(LoC) on this past Thursday. This attack on the terror launch pad was a reply to the Uri attacks. This was a much needed one. But it is not ours to decide if it’s good or bad. The centre government and the army is there to do all that stuff related to that.

Lt Gen Ranbir Singh announced that “surgical strikes” were conducted in the wee hours of September 29. And the entire nation came together to jubilate the heroics of the Indian army. This significant departure is India from its conventional approach marks a warning for Pakistan who was not ready to restrict its activities. Neither Pakistan, nor us normal people had expected this sudden fresh turn of events.

Take a look at everything you need to know about the surgical strikes on Pakistan.

1. This was India’s reply to the Uri attacks. That had killed several army personnel in the process.

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2. Pakistan says that this never happened. India just want to create hype.

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3. The range of these ops was limited to 3–4 kms inland and a broader length. The limit was less but it had an impact.

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4. The DGMO says that more than 35 casualties on the Pakistani side. They were done to the ones trying to hurt.

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5. The DGMO said that India can’t allow the terrorists to operate in LoC. There has been surge in infiltration.

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6. Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad tweeted that Pakistan was not not mending its ways and surgical strikes are a result of that.

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7. The White House spokesperson said that Washington was aware of the development. This was a properly planned idea.

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8. Although many cross border attacks had been done by India many times but this was different. The army has chosen to announce it on live TV.

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9. The DGMO has said that the army is ready to face any contingency. As of now, there are no further plans.

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10. Pakistan says that it will prove that no such strikes took place. It said this 5 days after the attached.

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11. Pakistan is at pain to give cogent response. It still is saying that no attacks took place.

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12. Pakistan has both “condemned” the attack as “naked aggression”. But who believes it? At Least we don’t.

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13. This operation doesn’t look like an ad hoc operation. It looks like it was properly planned.

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14. US national security advisor was contacted before this. It had Washington’s blessings.

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15. The stock market reacted very badly to this. Sensex fell over 570 points and Nifty over 170.

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16. Army sources say that 5 terror launch pads have been destroyed. The army’s special forces were paradropped.

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17. If reports are to be believed, villages in Punjab which are 10 kilometres from the international border with Pakistan are being evacuated. Additional troops have been deployed.

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The surgical stroke is what was needed. Pakistan is not going to stop without such attacks and such treatments.