18 Body Hacks To Make Your Body Great

Some amazing hacks that will help you to improve your life. Let’s see how?

amazing hacks

Better Life Secrets Revealed!

It an old saying that “Heath is wealth”, but many of us postpone living better life till we get fully settled. We often say that we will live our best lives when we have more time or when we finish the pressing projects that are consuming us. We also make resolution that we will get into excellent physical condition and follow healthy diet when we have more time. But, deep within us, we know that we will never get enough time to live at our best. The hour slips into days, day slips into months and month slips into years. Remember there will be no extra days when you will be able to perform at your best.

If you have ever faced this sort of situation and wanna improve your life then your are reading right article:

1. Right ear versus left ear!

A recent research has proven that right ear of a human being is very sensitive to the rapid speeches and the left one is good at picking up the music beat. So ace your retention power by using right ear.

sensitive, music


2. Fear of Injections!

As per research it is scientifically proven now that coughing at the time of getting an injection will cause less pain. So next time when you get an injection try this one!

fear, injection, pain, cough


3. Cure your tickling throat in 3 seconds!

Throat specialist admits the fact that scratching one’s right ear stimulates nerves in ear which creates a reflex in throat thereby causing a muscle spasm. So, next time you face this problem try this one!

cure, tickling throat


4. Cure sinus with this simple trick!

Next time you get your nose stuffed, don’t panic follow this – hit your tongue against the roof of your mouth 5-6 times while pressing between eyebrows with a finger.

cure, sinus


5. Problem with digestion, try this one!

If you are facing problem with digestion try this – sleep at your left side, it will surely work.

digestion, sleep, left-side


6. Is your tooth aching! Try this simple step.

Rubbing ice in the space between the thumb and the index finger simulates that part of brain which blocks receiving pain signals from face and hand.

rub, ice, stimulate


7. Make burn marks disappear!

Next time when you get burn mark, don’t panic just try this one- clean the part that is burned with cold water, now apply toothpaste mixed with a little honey.

blister, toothpaste, honey


8. Drank too much!

If you are left dizzy after drinking too much, don’t panic try this simple technique –put your right hand flat over a stable surface and take a deep breath.

dizzy, hand, stable-surface


9. Sleeping disorders!

Are finding it difficult falling asleep at night. Try this one – read a book an hour before getting to bed.

read, asleep


10. Are you getting sick quite often!

Getting sick quite often states that your immunity system is not functioning at its best. Try this one-chew 5-6 basil leaves and drink plenty of fresh water.

basil leaves, water


11. Bleeding nose: Fix it in few seconds!

If your nose starts bleeding, don’t panic. Try this- pinch your nose for a while and lean back!

pinch-nose, lean-back


12. Poor vision: Fix it now!

Poor vision can be prevented by this simple step- Hold your breath for few seconds then release it with pressure, repeat this step 3-4 times.

vision, breath


13. Wake it up!

If your hand falls asleep, try this simple step- rock your head side-ways and walk for a while.

limb, asleep, fixed


14. Excellent memory!

A research shows that reviewing something before falling asleep remains in mind for a longer time.

review, before, falling, asleep


15. Feeling tired?

Next time you feel tired try this simple thing- drink plenty of water and take deep breath. It will consolidate oxygen content in blood.

drink, water


16. Hold your breath!

It is possible to hold breath for long by this simple technique- take quick shots of breath in intervals before holding your breath.

hold, breath


17. Cry no more!

It is possible to hold back your tears! Try this- just keep your eyes wide open for a while!

cry, tear, hold-back


18. No more yawning!

It is possible to prevent yawning, try this one- touch your tongue with a finger.

prevent, yawning


It is thus possible to have better control over body. These 18 life hacks will surely help you to have better command over body.

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