17 Weird Things To Do On Halloween Party

Some of the weirdest things that people do on Halloween eve!

Beware of Ghosts!

Halloween is a festival celebrated in various nations on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian dining experience of All Hallows’ Day. It starts the three-day recognition of All hallow tide, the time in the ceremonial year committed to remembering  the one who is dead, holy people, saints, and all the unwavering departed. It is believed that Halloween customs started from Celtic harvest celebrations which may have agnostic roots, especially the Gaelic celebration Samhain, and that this celebration was Christianized as Halloween. Some scholastic be that as it may, support the perspective that Halloween started autonomously as an exclusively Christian holiday. On this day, lots of fun activities are organized such as trap or treating, cutting pumpkins into jack-o’- lamps, lighting blazes, apple swaying, recounting frightening stories, watching blood and gore movies, lighting candles on the graves of the dead and many more!

Some of the weirdest things that people do Halloween eve!

1. A night at Wiltern Theater

On the occasion of Halloween eve, people love to spend a night at Wiltern Theater! This Theater is renovated with horror theme to make it a thrilling experience!

Wiltern, Halloween


2. Survival Lessons!

Lots of campaigning is done on Halloween eve! These camps aims to teach people the best tricks to deal with weirdest situations like an encounter with the Zombies.

survival, encounter


3. Scary House!

In order to get a thrilling experience, people visits Scary house! Here they are taken over a trip to Hollywood that is renovated with horror theme.

scary, thrill


4. Cupcake-art!

Cupcake-art is a fun activity in which thousands of people gather to decorate their cupcakes with horror themes! Best one out of them is awarded!

cupcake, art


5. Roaring 1920!

One might be aware of the scary era of 1920! Lots of parties are organized based on the 1920 theme!

era, horror


6. Graveyard Safari!

If one is looking for thrilling experience on Halloween eve, then Graveyard Safari is the best option! It involves riding into the most haunted places!

Graveyard, safari


7. Get-ups!

Zombie based theme parties are organized all over the world on Halloween eve! People love to get a Zombie get-up!

Zombie, get-up


8. West Hollywood wild street Party!

One of the best parties you might not have come across is the grand WeHo street party! At these parties live bands are performed based on the horror theme.

live, band


9. Scream at Dark Realm!

Long walks are organized at the house of Dark Realm! It is best thrilling experience one could have!

scream, Dark Realm


10. Horror stories!

On this eve, people love to listen to horror stories! One of the famous stories that is quite often narrated is the classic tale of Dracula.

Dracula, narrate


11. Costume shows!

Another activity that people enjoy is the costume completion organized at Cinespia! The best one is awarded.

costume, Cinespia


12. Breathe-taking games!

One of the thrill games organized on this day is the “Walking dead”! In this a team is locked in a room of Zombies and the one who finds the key to escape the room is declared as the winner.

walking dead, fear


13. Horror movies!

On this eve, best-ever collection of horror movies are telecast in cinemas! Such as exorcists, walking dead and many more!

cinema, telecast


14. Frank and Furter’s Halloween bar!

One of the biggest Halloween party is organized at Frank and Furter’s Halloween bar! There are amazing dishes, cocktails, snacks and beverages all set on Halloween theme!

bar, Halloween


15. Get out of the Maze!

Another amazing event organized is this one! People tries to find a way out the horrifying mazes!

maze, event


16. Screemers!

If you are looking for best ever thrilling experience on Halloween eve, then Screem Park in Toronto is the best place to visit! There are over 100 ghosts to terrify you!

Screemers, ghosts


17. Paranormal Investigations!

Another exciting activity organized on this day is the Paranormal Investigation! In this people team up with the experts and go for an investigation in some of the most haunted places in world.

haunted, tracking



Halloween is one of the thrilling festivals celebrated worldwide on 31st October. There are lots of activities organized to make this day memorable all set on horror-theme.

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