17 Ways To Cope With Breakup


When you wake up at 2 am, with sweat beads dripping down your face, just because you saw him/her in your dream, it stops being a dream and turns into a nightmare. The pain will be too much to bear, and might rip you apart. There will be other sleepless nights, when you simply cannot get him/her out of your system, and the voice inside your head keeps screaming at you. Yet, there will be nothing you can do to stop it. Pain.

The person who once told they’ll always be there for you is nowhere to be seen now. And during this phase, you will realize that pain isn’t beautiful. They say time heals everything, but the fact is that you should simply get through the pain every single day, until one day, it stops having the power to break you. Pain, simply isn’t beautiful.

If whatever you’ve read above makes you think of a particular someone that shattered your heart, we bring to you a few ways to cope up with heartbreak.

1. STOP blaming yourself

blaming yourself


If you have been blaming yourself for what has happened, please stop. Don’t go down the guilt trip. It is going to be okay at the end. For they say, if it isn’t okay, it’s not the end.

2. Don’t deny it



Living in denial worsens the situation than it actually is. Accept what has happened and the rest will follow.

3. Interaction is key

distance yourself


DO NOT distance yourself from people! This is what almost all people do after a breakup and you should NOT do the same. Strike a conversation, even with a random stranger. Get out of your space and interact.

4. Get rid of the memorabilia


Get rid of anything and everything that reminds you of that person. No matter how significant that moment was, or how cheesy the object is, from a stuffed toy to a letter, simply get rid of it. This is very hard and might almost seem impossible, but you got to do it.

5. Remember that it is okay to shed tears



It is okay to cry. It is okay to feel broken. Never refrain from crying simply because you think crying is for the weak. Shed a few tears and get the pain out of your system.

6. Rediscover your passion

you passionate


If it is painting that you used to love, start painting. Be it dancing, singing or anything that once made you passionate, rediscover it and start doing it.

7. Delete old pictures/texts

old conversations


Getting rid of old conversations/pictures might seem difficult at first, but after you’ve done it, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

8. It is NOT the end of the world

one relationship


It is only the end of one relationship and definitely not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean we promise that you’ll find someone else; you might or you might not. But for now, just let it go.

9. Become the busiest person on earth

Keep yourself engaged


Keep yourself engaged all the time. Join a club, take yoga classes, or do anything that helps you relax.  This way, you don’t give time for your brain to remind you about what has happened.

10. Do the pep talk


If there is someone who can make you feel better, it is YOU. Our hearts don’t tend to believe what others say, and that is why you need to pep talk to yourself. When you are convinced that good things are going to happen, there’s nothing else that can make you grieve over your breakup again.

11. Adopt a pet

. Adopt a pet


What’s better than finding someone who will actually love you unconditionally? Like ACTUALLY, and not like the person who has left you. Adopt a pet and unlock a beautiful phase of your life.

12. Friends to the rescue!

A friend


A friend in need is definitely a friend indeed. Friends are family that we are blessed enough to choose. And they are people who are not judgemental. Vent out all that you want to, to a friend and there’s no better remedy than this!

13. Take yourself to a vacation

Go on a vacation


Go on a vacation with not anyone, but yourself. It could be anywhere that you want to. Take pictures, enjoy the moment and make memories. For one day, when you look back, you might actually thank your partner who broke your heart, for helping you make these beautiful memories.

14. REMOVE the songs that remind you of the other person



After a breakup, almost three quarters of the people keep repeatedly listening to the songs that remind them of the other person or songs that the other person used to like. For those who’ve been lucky enough to not have gone through a breakup, all this might seem very cliché and filmy. But only those who go through it can connect to this point. Please please remove those songs from not only your phone’s memory, but also from your memory.

15. Visit a nearby library

beneficial reading


Science says how beneficial reading is to the brain. Reading is more than beneficial to the heart too. Reading gives you a pleasure that just isn’t describable. Books take you to a whole new world, and every time you finish a book, a little something changes inside you. You can begin by becoming a member in a nearby library. Give it a try, and you can thank us later.

16. Start a new TV series

new TV serial


Start watching a new TV series! There are plenty to choose from and randomly pick one. What’s better than binge watching like a maniac?! No, nothing’s wrong with THAT! It’s fun, trust us.

 17. Smile



Smile, for life is too short to be sad. It’s eventually going to fall in place. Until then, just breathe.



It’s a bad phase, and not a bad life. Be grateful for those who love you unconditionally and let go of people those who don’t. For it takes a greater love to let go, than to hold on.

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