17 Unsolved Mysteries Of Christianity

Christianity still holds many unsolved mysteries that will amaze you! Have a look at these!


Hidden Secrets!

Christianity is one of the largest religions that accounts for 2.4 billion followers across the world. As far as world population is concerned about 32% people are Christians. This religion is associated with a belief that Jesus is the son of God who was sent to earth for the safeguard of humanity. This religion is preached in holly place called church. This religion is preached worldwide with three major divisions namely, Orthodox Church, Eastern Church and Catholic Church. The holy book for Christians is called “Bible”. This holy book, Bible accounts for those directive principles that serve as a guide for mankind. It is solely based on the sufferings of Christian god, Jesus. Thus, it is complete guide to life and gives a beautiful message of peace, love, surrender and happiness.

Besides this, Christianity still holds many unsolved mysteries that will amaze you! Have a look at these!

1.Magical Grail

One of the things that will amaze you is that- there is a belief that the dish in which Jesus used to eat is miraculous. Thisdish is named as “Holy Grail”.

Holy Grail, dish


2.Shroud still a mystery!

Many attempts were made to unfold the mystery behind the shroud. Recently, an experiment was performed to determine the exact age of shroud via carbon-dating.

carbon-dating, age


3.Amazing work!

In an attempt to take a close look at shroud, professors from University of Pavia along with his students made an exact replica of the 14th century old shroud.

Shroud, replica


4.Tomb discovered from soil

Besides the mystery of Shrouds, another thing that drew attention of archaeologists was an authentic tomb from times of Jesus was discovered beneath the crust of earth.

Tomb, unearthed


5.Auras: another mystery

Despite many attempts made to discover the origin of Auras, researchers have failed to unfold its mystery.

Auras, mystery


6.A ghost ship spotted!

Another thing that is still a mystery is the legend of a ship that was drowned long back. It is believed that this ship can be spotted sailing in the deep ocean with hundreds of soul.

ghost, soul


7.Flying Dutchman!

Another belief is that a ship can be discovered in deep oceans hovering and not sailing. It is named as Flying Dutchman.

Hover, belief


8.Human who behaves as magnet!

It is hard to believe that Human can behave as magnets! But, there are some people who claim that they are given this superpower of magnetism by Jesus.

magnet, superpower


9.Mystery behind true name of God!

Another thing that is still a mystery is the name of God! Jewish claims  that actual pronunciation of Christian God is “YHVH”.

Mystery, claim


10.Behemoth: A mystery

Another big thing that will amaze you! How does god looks like? A Christianity holy  book claims that God looks like almighty Behemoth.

behemoth, look


11.Treasure Hunt

Sailors are still in a search for the wealth of Ophir which was lost in Arabian peninsulas. They believe that it might be buried in deep oceans near Somalia.

Treasure, search


12.Book of Apocalypse claims rebirth

As per “Book of Apocalypse” there is a prediction made long back that Jesus will take rebirth for the safeguard humanity.

Jesus, rebirth


13.Ark of the Covenant: Hidden Secrets!

Another question that is running in million minds is that, “Where is the Ark of the Covenant”. According to the Bible, this container of stones vanished long back.

Hidden, Ark


14.Cities that have no map!

Sodom and Gomorrah were the two cities that are believed to exist in past! Scholars are still in fetching answer to this big question!

cities, vanish


15.Did Garden of Eden had an existence?

Many scholars are still working to unfold the secret behind the existence of Garden of Eden! According to Bible it existed in past!

Garden of Eden, existence


16.Coded content in Bible!

There are many phrases in Holy book, Bible that are coded in certain language. Scholars are still working over fetching meaning out of these codes.

coded, bible


17.Unaccomplished expedition to Noah’s Ark!

From centuries Christians are in search of Noah’s Ark that is believed to exist in the period of 275 – 339 AD.

Noah’s Ark, exist


Christianity besides being one of the biggest religions with over 2.4 billion followers; holds many unsolved mysteries. It is believed that a day will come when human race would find answers to these questions.

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