17 Movies To Watch On Halloween That Will Make You Say Amazing

Grab some candy and pop onto these movies


Everyone loves a good movie marathon but what everyone awaits is a holiday. You want to make it a fun movie holiday. Halloween is one such day of the year. It’s scary, it’s terrifying and it’s entertaining. There are movies that can give you nightmares. Whether you want something to watch with the kids or just want to cuddle up with a blanket and a bowl of candy, there are some safer movies to watch this holiday.

Halloween may be about being spooked.

You need something between silly and scary. You need spooky movies. Here we have got that mix for you. Some of them are suitable for fraidy cats of (almost) all ages.

This Halloween get going. Rock, enjoy, get frightened and frighten others.

1. Halloweentown

It is a Disney classic. If revolves around 3 siblings who aren’t allowed to celebrate Halloween.

#Disney #classic #siblings


2. Lights Out

Who are afraid of the dark? Those can’t even watch the complete trailer.

#lights #trailer #dark


3. The Addams Family

You may be mysterious or spooky but Addamses are kooky. This makes it funny.

#Addams #kooky #funny


4. Starry Eyes

It includes some solid performances. It is a harrowing take on how far a person will go to become a star.

 #solid #harrow #person


5. Practical magic

Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock are witch sisters. They live in a mansion with their aunts.

#magic #mansion


6. Hush

It was a surprise for horror fans. It landed a wide distribution in 2013.

#horror #fans #wide


7. Scream

It has become 4 movies old. The original movie is a Hollywood classic.

#original #Hollywood


8. The Purge: Election Year

This is terrifying. But it is great time for its sequel to release.

#terrifying #great #sequel


9. Saw

A great conversation starter: Would you save the friend sitting next to you or cut them open in order to save yourself? You can only do it during Halloween.

#convo #start #Halloween


10. A Nightmare On Elm Street

Don’t close your eyes. Don’t fall asleep. There is something else coming your way.

#asleep #else


11. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy is a badass girl. A bit more valley girl.

#badass #valley


12. Honeymoon

This movie tests on shoulders of the two leads with great chemistry. They will take you through a well-paced story of paranoia and freaky scares.

 #honeymoon #paranoia #scare


13. The Craft

There is nothing more dangerous than teenage girls. The craft shows it.

#dangerous #teen #girls


14. The Canal

It is an indie Irish horror films. It will leave you frightened.

#Irish #indie #horror


15. Teen Witch

You will never top teen witch. You never will.

#teen #top


16. Troll Hunter

It seems like another witch project knockoff. It is very mysterious.

 #witch #knockoff #mysterious


17. Hocus Pocus

It is about 3 witches returning after 300 years. They were hung for their spellwork in 17th ce.

#witch #spell #hung



Go get onto these movies on Halloween.