17 Jokes About Hillary Clinton That Trump Supporters Are Enjoying


Human race is blessed with humor and laughter as the two best gadgets that revive the mind and soul. Studies have shown that laughing at regular basis reduces risk of falling into depression by about 85%. Thus one must practice laughing at regular basis as an exercise to keep his mind and body performing at its best. People quite often complain that their life is full of worries and troubles that do not let them enjoy the happy moments. But one must be aware of the fact that laughter is the best medicine which can cure any problem. If we take a close look over the media, we’ll find that there are lots of people who are engaged in cracking jokes over celebrities, sportsperson, politicians and many more renowned personalities.

One of the common jokes that is pertaining all over the media is about Hillary Clinton that who is the nominee of Democratic Party for presidential election! Let’s have a look at them!

1. Big fan of Spiderman!

When Hillary made her way to Los Angeles to raise fund for charity along with Tobey Maguire (Spiderman character); An American comedian cracked a joke saying that she’s a big admirer of Spiderman series and she still believes in sequels!

fan, Spiderman


2. Reason behind the drop!

One of the reasons of Hillary’s dropping votes is that voters are falling into the ditch made by Hillary that is hidden with leaves! LOL.

reason, drop


3. Hillary’s Iowa visit!

Comedian David Letterman cracked a joke over Hillary’s Iowa visit! He said that Hillary is interacting with the common crowd in Iowa because after becoming president she will never be meeting like that to an ordinary crowd!

Iowa, humor


4. 20$ Bill!

While people are discussing over the 20$ Bill! Hillary is all ready for that and she is stating that she’s available.

Bill, discuss


5. Private mail!

On being the Secretary of the State Hillary operated her own private mail because of her fear that state department mail might not be safe! LOL.

department, safe


6. Another vote!

When Chelsea Clinton gave birth to a lovely daughter Hillary burst up with joy! She might have forgotten that the minimum age to vote is 18.

vote, young


7. Hillary in Tech-park

Recently Hillary made her visit to the tech giants Facebook and Twitter! American Comedian, Jimmy Fallon cracked a joke saying that Hillary didn’t visit to LinkedIn because she is aware of which job she wants.

crack, LinkedIn


8. Frustration!

In an interview, US President Obama claimed that Joe Biden would be appropriate for the next US presidency! Meanwhile Hillary drilled a hole in that door!

hole, Joe Biden


9. No more run!

Hillary claimed that she loves to hang out with friends! Meanwhile she visited Iowa, Florida, Ohio and many more!

run, claim


10. White House!

Hillary in an interview claimed that it was very difficult for them to leave the White House! She admitted that it was so frustrating that they had to share a bedroom after that.

frustrated, interview


11. New release!

Hillary is all set to release her new book based on her own life experiences. Rather being a book jacket it is dressed in pantsuits!

new, book


12. Early to start with!

The tech-team behind US president Obama is all set to clear the Clinton’s browser history for the last 10 years period! LOL!

early, history


13. Polling!

As per recent polling done by New York Times, about 80% Democrats are in favor of Hillary Clinton! Meanwhile, 100 % of them are in a favor of Chris Christie to stand against her in elections.

polls, favor


14. Big dream!

Joe Biden claimed that he dreams to be the next US president! Hillary on reaction to his statement asked him to keep dreaming for next 10 years!

dream, continu


15. Twitter!

Finally Hillary has an account over Twitter with over 200K followers! Comedian Jimmy Fallon cracked a joke over this figure that reads “200K followers” as “200K Tweets by Hillary”.



16. Library in Dallas!

Recently five former presidents met at the inauguration of George Bush’s Library in Dallas! Comedian Jay Leno cracked a joke saying that it would be six if Hillary is included in the list.

joke, inauguration


17. Bill’s statement!

In a conversation with former US President Bill Clinton over the nomination of Hillary for presidency! Bill admitted that Hillary is just having some fun being a private citizen!

Bill, private-citizen



Laughter is one of the best medicines that can cure almost every problem. One must practice this exercise of laughing at regular basis.

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