17 Great Reasons Why Relationship Fails


The enlightened John Green said that life isn’t a wish granting factory. How right he was! Not all things happen like we want them to, and relationships are no exception. Once you get into a relationship, you think he is the one and that you are going to marry that person. What a wonderful feeling it is to have finally found your soul mate!  But when it fails, it not only leaves you shattered, but also makes you lose faith in the whole concept of love and finding your soul mate. But wait. Before blaming fate or love, let us take a moment to analyze why relationships often fail. There are a few common reasons as to why people fail in relationships. It can be a single reason or accumulation of more than one reason.

Read on to find out what they are to make sure your next relationship doesn’t fail.

1.Too much of anything is good for nothing



A very familiar saying right? When in love, you keep giving the other person too much of love that they do not know how to handle it. Everything has its own limit and love does too.

2. Becoming clingy



There comes a point when love becomes clingy, and nobody likes a clingy person. Always wanting to be with the other person is very common in love. But you must know when it becomes clinginess.

3. Need to be informed



Wanting to be always informed on what your partner is doing might become irritating for them. There’s no need to force them to tell you everything. If they want to tell you things, they will.

4. Blame game



When things go wrong, do NOT keep blaming the other person. Understand that love takes the effort of both the people and blaming each other will do no good.

5. Don’t fake it

to be honest


It’s always best to be honest with your feelings to your partner. If you aren’t feeling okay, tell them you aren’t okay. Faking your feelings is a definite no while in a relationship.

6. Million little lies



Lying has never done anything good to anyone except in very very rare cases. Why would you want to lie to someone who trusts you blindly?

7. Possessive



Your partner is not your property. Sure you guys are in a relationship, but you do not OWN the other person. A possessive partner is not preferred by anybody, no matter how true the love is.

8. Communicate



Always communicate honestly to each other. Failure to do so, will result in a failure in your relationship.

9. Dishonesty



Dishonesty is a very big threat to relationships. Being dishonest with even an insignificant matter greatly affects the relationship.

10. Sky high expectations



There’s a common saying that expectations always lead to disappointments. Having unrealistic expectations on your partner and grieving when those expectations are not met is never the right thing to do.

11. Lack of seriousness



We live in an era where even young kids are claiming to be in love. A mature person will not expect the same attitude from his/her partner. When one fails to show seriousness towards the relationship, there is no point, being in one.

12. Comparison



Comparison is very contagious. If one person around you to begins this, it instantly spreads among the others too. Comparing your partner with anyone you know (or not know) will always infuriate them. If this becomes a regular thing, it’ll only cause damage to your relationship.

13. Trying to change them

change them


People generally have the tendency to try and change others. It completely doesn’t work in a relationship. You need to accept your partner for the person that they are.

 14. Obsessing over them



You definitely are in love with your partner. But you need not become obsessive and make every little thing about them. Over obsession in fact scares people.

15. Talking way into the future

future talks


Talking about things far far away scares people. Talk only about futuristic things that really have to be spoken about and leave the rest to the flow of life.

16. Frequent meets



Not realising that your partner is also an adult and has things to attend to, pisses off your partner. Your need to frequently meet them might not work everytime. Learning to be okay with it, is necessary if you want to save your relationship

17. Restricting their freedom



People will stay with you only as long as you give them their space. This is all what is important in a relationship, where you believe you want to spend your entire lifetime with your partner.

The above mentioned points are common reasons to why people face problems in their relationship. Try to avoid doing these and good luck with your love life!


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