16 WWE Clash Of Champions Facts Which People Didn’t Know Yet

Everything you need to know about the last Sunday's PPV

16 WWE Clash Of Champions Facts Which People Didn't Know Yet


WWE has been all about fighting and wrestling since olden days. Adding to that it has always been about fun and entertainment. Just wrestling doesn’t provide you the fun you want to have. There must be something to add to that.  We have grown up watching wrestling. WWE lead the pack in the form of best professional wrestling show in the world. It has been on top for a long period of time. No other roaster can provide such entertainment. It is not just about beating each other but it is about the technique they apply. Also, the different kinds of matches in it make it more interesting.

The crowd, the superstars, the divas, the fights, everything related to that it is amazing. The same was the case with Clash of Champions. It was Raw’s Pay-Per-View(PPV) and the fights were brilliant. It shows that WWE is evolving. The wrestlers like Kevin Owens are getting a chance to be in the limelight.

Take a look at the things we learnt from WWE Raw’s Clash of Champions.

1. Triple H did not give explanation for screwing up with Reigns and Rollins. Neither did he appear on Raw after that.

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2. Stephanie McMahon says that she still doesn’t know about her husband’s action. It looks like she is involved in it but wanted to play safe.

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3. WWE is in no mood to change its tag team champions. New day once again defended the tag team title successfully.

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4. On Sunday, The New Day completed 399 days as champs and after the win he hit the 400 mark.

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5. Nia Jax is pushing herself into the title scene. She still remains unbeaten and did defeated Alicia Fox on Sunday.

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6. Brian Kendrick returned after a gap of 7 years. The match on Clash of Champions was only his 13th pay per view match in such a long career.

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7. TJ Perkins was congratulated by Brian Kendrick after he won the title. Such a sportsmanship.

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8. The final match of the best of seven series between Cesaro and Sheamus ended in a no contest. It had everything to be called a perfect match until we saw how it ended.

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9. Sami Zayn finally had an opponent in Chris Jericho.

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10. Charlotte was expected to lose the title on this PPV. It ended the other way round. Charlotte pinned Bayley for the win.

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11. After the win, many would think that Charlotte is an overrated wrestler. But honestly speaking, she is the best female wrestler in the WWE at this time.



12. The feud between Reigns and Rusev is growing. Reigns won the US championship from Rusev. It was the only title that changed hands on Sunday.

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13. Sheamus says that Cesaro is among the best he has ever faced. Way to go.

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14. Kevin Owens seems to have found another best friend in Jericho. Jericho is still his best friend.



15. Owens defended the WWE Universal title. He defeated Rollins in the process.

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16. Looks like WWE is committed to making Owens its poster guy. A year earlier, who would have thought that Owens was going to be the champ of Raw.

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Overall The Clash of Champions was not upto the mark. There was nothing new and just one title changed hands. That is something no one wants to see.