16 Amazing Moments Of Summer Paralympics 2016

Special moments of Summer Paralympics 2016 are captured in this article


Paralympics 2016:”A new world”

Paralympics is one of the biggest sporting events organized in every four years especially for athletes with disabilities. These include overall 20 sports which are divided into six categories: vision, cerebral palsy, amputee, intellectual disability, les autres and wheel chair.

Around 4,000 athletes participate and compete for the big win. Sir Ludwig Guttmann is the man behind the onset of Paralympics. He believed that sports are one of the best exercises that one should be practiced regularly for better mind and health. Inspired by his strong thoughts, he organized International Wheelchair Games in London, 1948. Hundreds of people with disabilities participated in that competition and consolation prizes were distributed. Inspired by Ludwig’s contribution in promoting sports among people with disabilities, the first Paralympics were played in 1976, Sweden.

Currently 2016 year, 23 sports events are being organized with 528 events competing for 225 medals for women, 265 for men and 38 mixed medals.

Special moments of Summer Paralympics 2016 are:-

1. New world record was recorded in the wheelchair race

This year Louise Sauvage from Perth broke two world records in 1,500 m and 5,000m race. Hence he won two gold in wheel chair race.

Wheel chair race, 2 world records set


2. Teenager dominated in the pool

Swimmer Siobhan Paton at young ageof 16 bagged six gold for Australia.

Youngest Swimmer, bags gold


3. Best ever performance by Indians in the Summer Paralympics

This time India has sent 19 players participating in 5 sports. So far, 4 medals have been won by India.

Team India, best-ever performance.


4. Australia’s Unbeatable Performance in Wheel chair rugby!

Australia once again proved its dominancein the wheelchair rugby. It baggedgold by defeating United States with score of 32-31.

unbeatable, Australia, Wheel chair rugby


5. Thousands of Athletes to play at Paralympics!

This year, Paralympics will feature 22 sports and 23 disciplines with around 4300 athletes competing for gold, silver and bronze.

4300 players, medals.


6. Debuts of Canoe and Triathlon this time!

This year two new exciting sports are included canoeing and paratriathlon.



7. Wheelchair basketball at two venues!

For the first time, wheelchair basketball will take place across two venues, Rio Olympic Arena and Carioca Arena 1.

wheel chair basket ball, two venues


8. Best possible experience!

The Rio 2016 Paralympics Committee has taken over the responsibility to look after the needs of athletes ensuring that they give their best ever performance

Paralympics Committee, responsibilities


9. Grand opening ceremony at Maracana Stadium

A grand opening ceremony at Maracana Stadium brought excitement among the participants. It began with an introductory video, which showcased various regions of Brazil.

Maracana Stadium, fireworks


10. Big issue in Financing!

As per reports, Rio 2016 Organizing Committeedelayed the delivery of US$8 million in travel grants.

US$8 million, financing.


11. Live musical performance!

After the introductory video, a beach scene was created thereby turning the main stage into a beach, like those in Brazil to create a tropical atmosphere.

Live performance, beach theme.


12. Athletes from 159 countries and regions Joined!

This year athletes from 159 countries and regions have participated along with an international refugee team participating in the Rio games.

159 countries, participation


13. Official Emblem for the year 2016 designed by a Brazilian agency!

Tatíl Design, a Brazilian agency designed the emblem for the Summer Paralympics 2016.

official emblem, Brazilian designed


14. Excellent Fireworks!

Red fireworks lit up the sky, accompanied by the loud cheers of spectators.

red fire-works, Heart.


15. Motivation: Boost’s one’s morale

Accepting the fact that sports are one of the best exercises that one should practice regularly for better health, the ceremony was designed to boost the morale of athletes with disabilities

: motivation, morale.


16. Ceremony Finale!

In the ceremony finale, the entire stage was designed into the three Agitos, the symbol of the Rio Paralympics Games

Agitos, Ceremony finale.


Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer


Rio 2016 Olympic Games BBC Sports


Rio Paralympics 2016 Opening Ceremony


Paralympics is one of the best events in the world to boost morale of athletes. The main objective behind organizing such games is redefining the way people look at disabilities. Moreover, it conveys a message that sports have no boundaries.

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