15 White Food Which Are Harmful To Your Health

Read on and get to know the truth about these foods.

white food

White food has recently started attracting a lot of attention and has simultaneously confused people a lot. Does white food literally mean food that is white in color? And should it be consumed or not? If not, why? If one starts to list all the food items that are white in color, he/she would find that most of the items listed are often told to be beneficial to our body. But the title of the article is in contrary. Confused enough? Worry not, for this we will help you out in this section by listing out what white food is and what are its harmful effects on human body.

White food generally refers to foods that are high sources of carbohydrates, sugar, calories and starch. These include white flour, white sugar, butter, cheese, white potatoes, white bread, cream, milk, white salt, white pasta, fruit juices and cereal  to name a few.

Read on and get to know the truth about these foods.

1. Cream

1. Cream


We often overlook this white food as being reason for the gradual weight gain in our bodies.

2. Butter and cheese

butter and cheese


The average amount of butter and cheese consumed in a week is enough to gradually weaken the immune system and increase the chances of diabetes.

3. Salt



Salt is one of the white foods that are very essential for our body. But consuming it very frequently sends the blood pressure level to soaring heights.

4. Artificial Sugar

Artificial sugar


Artificial sugar is now found in all the food that is processed. This is the main cause of liver related diseases.

5. White Pasta

white pasta


Excessive fat, calories and starch is not good for the heart and these are found in high levels in white pasta. This will lead to a number of heart related diseases too.

6. Flour

White flour


White flour in its natural form is beneficial for our health, while in its processed form (the form we consume) is hazardous in many ways to our health.

7. Milk



Milk and milk products are often told to be rich in calcium. But heating milk to a temperature higher than 150 degrees converts this calcium into a form that the body cannot assimilate.

8. White potatoes



Potatoes contain high levels of starch and are glycemic foods. Consuming these on a regular basis increases the chances of diabetes.

9. White rice



White rice has amounts of fat, and lacks in nutrients when compared to brown rice. Therefore brown rice should always be preferred over white rice.

10. White bread

White bread


White bread has a high carbohydrate level and increases the blood sugar levels. It is best when white bread is replaced with whole grain bread.

11. Pastries



It is of common knowledge that too much of pastries are not good for health and it is rightly said so. Avoid pastries and cream, as it was discussed in the first point.

12. Meat



Meat contains white sugar, and has a number of ill effects on human body and increase chances of having cancer.

13. Fruit juices

13. Fruit juices


One might wonder how fruit juices fall under the category of white foods. But fruit juices actually contain high levels of sugar which is harmful to one’s health.

14. Ice cream

Ice cream


Ice cream is made basically out of milk, which is again a white food. The harmful effect of milk was mentioned earlier in this article.

15. Breakfast cereals

White cereals


White cereals are made from white flour which in itself is a white food. Refer point no 6 to know about white flour.

In a wrap, you now know what white foods are to be avoided and why. Eat healthy and happy living!

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