15 Things You Did Not Know About Hillary Clinton

Former First Lady:Facts unveiled!

Hillary Clinton , American politician, nominee

October 26, 1947 marked as a day on which well known American politician Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago, America. She spent her majority of time in thesmall town of Park Ridge, Illinois. As far as her academics areconcerned, she is graduated from Wellesley College in the year 1969.In addition to it, she is a post graduate in Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from Yale Law School in the year 1973.She made her advent in the politics by serving as congressional legal counselor. Later, she moved to Arkansas and married her friend Bill Clinton in the year 1975.In order to make her steps profound in the politics, she co-founded an organization named “Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families (AACF)” in the year 1977. The preceding years were very lucky for Clinton. She became the first female to serve as chairperson of the Legal Services Corporation in the year 1978 and very soon she became the first woman partner at Rose Law Firm. In Parallel, She was actively participated in providing better health care options for public under Clinton’s health care plan, 1993. Moreover, she made significant efforts to reform public school in order to create better learning opportunities for the children.

As far as her achievements are concerned, she was appointed as the 67th United States Secretary of State for a period of 4 years i.e.2009 to 2013. Recently, she’s was declared as the US President Nominee from the Democratic Partyfor upcoming US President Election.

1.Bill’s Proposal!

It’s an amazing fact that Bill Clinton’s initial attempts to propose his love Hillary was failednumber of times.

On a trip to England, Bill made his first attempt to proposeHillary which was declined by her. After two years, Bill made his finest attempt, he drove Hillary to a house in Arkansas and told her that he bought this house recently and want her to live with him. Finally, she accepted the proposal.

Proposal, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton


2.Hillary’s First Defeat!

Most of the people are unaware of the fact that Hillary was once a Republican. In the year 1968, she joined hands with Democratic Party and campaigned

With Eugene McCarthy, which was lost by them .

Defeat, Campaign, Democratic party


3.Hillary: First Lady in various Domains

It is an accepted fact that Hillary is known to be First Lady in a number of domains.

First Lady



Another exciting fact about Hillary Clinton is that politics was not her cup of tea, she always dreamt of becoming a baseball player and astronaut.  She even experimentedher career with NASA , but she was rejected stating that they don’t accept women in space missions..

Aim, Astronaut ,Baseball playerAim, Astronaut ,Baseball player


5.First Job Hillary Did!

In initial days, Hillary used to work in a seafood industry before getting into law. In the year 1969, she used to gut salmon for a cannery locatedin Valdez, Alaska.

Job, gut, Salmon.


6. Is Hillary Clinton a Grammy winner?

Most of the people are unaware of Hillary’s passion for singing.She even got a trophy for her Best Spoken Word Album voice.

Grammy, Singing, Passion


7.A Cubs fan too!

Hillary is known to be prominent supporter of New York Yankees. She admits that being a Clubs fan prepares one for life and to achieve unaccomplished dreams.



8.Hillary’s position for US rights

One of the prominent action undertook by Hillary was to defend the practice of military power to advance economic interests worldwide.

Defend, Practice, Regime charge


9.Unrevealed speeches!

There are certain transcripts and speeches delivered by Hillary to Goldman Sachs which was censored and were never released.

Speech, Transcripts, Censored.


10.Efforts to pander African-American voters!

Hillary made prominent efforts to indulge African-American voters by talking about making lives of Blacks better in U.S.

Effort, Indulge, Blacks.


11.Victim in the Benghazi hearings.

Hillary was so active in Law practices that she played a prominent role as a victim in the Benghazi hearings, despite knowing the fact that people literally died in the 2012 attack because of department’s security lapse.

Victim, Prominent, Active.


12.She loves campaigning!

It is a well accepted fact that Hillary has a craze for campaigning. She admitted that she loves to interact with people, understand their problems and discuss best possible solution that can be readily implemented.

Campaign, Discuss, Interact.


13.Long Walks with Bill.

The lovely couple Bill and Hillary loves to spend their spare time together. They admittedthat, they love to walk together with their two dogs, Maisie and Tally.

Walk, Couple, Together


14.Loves socializing with friends

Hillary loves to stay in touch with all her friends and people around her. For instance, on an unplanned trip to Chicago, she managed to meet her childhood friend Betsy Ebeling and spent good time with her.

Social Network, Love, Stay-in-touch.


15.Admirer of Adele

No one is unaware of Hillary’s foremost love for Adele. She’s known to be one of the biggest fans of Adele. She admiresher because she loves music.



Thus, inspite being wife of  a Former U.S. President Bill Clinton. She’s always ready to accept new challenges and make prominent efforts to contribute to the society.

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