14 Mehendi Design To Try Before You Go To Your Friend’s Marriage

Get ready to paint your hands red...

punjabi leg mehendi designs

Every ritual and auspicious occasion in India is incomplete without henna applied on the hands of women. It is loved for its beauty and everything is incomplete without mehendi. It is also believed to bring fortune. Mehendi, in itself, is a huge celebration today. Gone are those days when people just used to make any mehendi design. Today, it is a whole new and different scenario. With different designs coming into play, mehendi has become very popular especially among young girls.

This is the season when most of your friends and beloved ones would be getting hitched. So take a look at some of the mehendi designs you should definitely try for their weddings.

1. This Indo Arabian design is gaining popularity in wedding circles. The design is also not old and boring.

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2. This Punjabi mehendi design looks wonderful. It is perfect for bride’s sister and her friends.

#sister #friends #bride


3. It looks perfect and modern. You can try this design and rock.

#rock #modern


4. Girls who think no western design can match the full hand design, this one is for you. This looks great anyway.

#western #design



5. A warrior kind of design. This would be great for the girls who are fierce.

#action #design #love



6. A beautiful design for the girls who love to keep it short. This is neither too long not too short.

#design #long #short



7. This Punjabi design is to die for. It would be beautiful for women of every age.

#Punjabi #design #women



8. This is a beautiful flowery design. There are no words to describe this small design.

#beautiful #flowery #words



9. This is amazing. That design on the upper part of hand is flawless.

#amazing #flawless #hand



10. Another Punjabi design and another beauty. This half hand traditional design world be great for women in their early thirties.

#Punjabi #beauty #fine



11. This design looks exotic. Who would have thought about such designs ten years ago?

#ten #years #exotic



12. A beautiful design for legs. This is another exotic design.

#exotic #beautiful #legs



13. This peacock design is awesome. It would adorn the hands of every woman.

 #peacock #design #awesome



14. This Paisley design mehendi is perfect and is in fashion. It would be a perfect fit for you if you love heavy designs.

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